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December 4, 2017 | Costello

The Sounds of Syrins (and Top Comments)

At PAX Unplugged, I was complimented on the theatrical style in which I run Orphans & Ashes demos. I throw in hopeful dialog for orphans about to be tragedied, sad protests from orphans who had something terrible happen to them (“I TRUSTED YOU!” when Cale accidentally sets one on fire being my favourite), and confused mutterings from orphans who witnessed tragedy strike a fellow orphan but who were spared for strategic reasons they didn’t understand.

Sadly, no, I do not come with every copy of the game sold. However, there is an alternative. Let me tell you about Syrinscape. I mentioned at one point that we were working with Australia’s best audio engineer, Benjamin Loomes, to create a soundset for everyone’s favourite game of strategic orphan burning. What I never mentioned is that it is now available!

Syrinscape is a fascinating addition to the tabletop hobby, one I use liberally in my Pathfinder games. It doesn’t just supply thematically appropriate soundtracks for your tabletop games, it creates a unique, non-repeating soundtrack specific to the game you’re playing. In the case of Orphans & Ashes, the room you’re in dictates the amount of crackling fire and desperate pleads are peppered in with the ambient music. There are one-off buttons that you can press to trigger specific sound effects, like fanfare when Cale scores a point, doom and gloom when Richard scores, and so many unique Orphan cries basically whenever you want.

I encourage everyone to watch the demo to hear some of the great sounds in the Orphans & Ashes soundset and, if you want to bring the theatrical experience of a Costello Orphans & Ashes demo as well as a lovingly crafted musical accouterments, download the Syrinscape Board Game Player and snag the Orphans & Ashes soundset! Sounds good?

Speaking of good, here are your top comments from November 20th to December 1st, 2017.

LFG 1141
Raphael Silva
He sucked a cloud sword, gropped around the stomach of whatever eating “chicken” for days and got an ugly sword out of it only to remember the weapon is supposed to be a bow…yup, sounds like a normal adventure with Cale alright…

John Peter Riendeau
To be fair, how many remembered that a bow was the omega prime weapon? And two, if it works, don’t knock it.

Xavia Carbine
Technically, he made the non-riged bending blade into a rigid non-bendable one….

Kyle Eisenbarth
yeah, but the Beholder also said, “As was feared, the skill of mystery has deminished.” after they came up with sky and bow. So that suggests they are right.

TDA 197
Toph Morris
Sure! I bet no one will die next year! xD

Bram Weinreder
RIP Manson
And then I mean Rot In Pieces.

Kai Lowell
Personally, I prefer cake, rather than death.

John Daly
I always loved Robin Williams “Fruedian Slip” regarding the Manson-Dixon line…

LFG 1142
Richard Taylor
I wish to understand you. Well, we’ve read 1142 editions with Richard in them, it hasn’t helped, good luck with that.

Garry Cylon
The floating Core, has a tunnel to a … core?
Well at least it’s trying to understand Richards core values.
I’m still left thinking of Alice and the rabbit hole though….. Things can only get weirder then….

Raek Transfadimir
It’s gonna become such a mad, mad world when it’s done seeing what Richard has to tell.
Not that the world is already a crazy place, mind…but who knows, maybe crazier will be better.

Alexis Casto
This is getting weird and interesting. Hmm… Weinstering. No that sounds wrong. Interid. Bah, lets just say its strange.

LFG 1143 
Martin Kieselbach
Can it be ? is that… Baby-Dick ?
wait… that sounded wrong on so manny levels ><
*shoots own face with shotgun and rinses the hole with military-grade paintstripper

Raphael Silva
This is tiny dick adventures 2.0. Also Richard would totally murder himself. I mean just look at him! He’s too cute! He wouldn’t be able to resist!

Luc Charette
why do i now think of richard as Chuck Norris ?
his mom didn’t gave birth to him, he swooshed his way out of her fully grown !

Anthony Capaviella
gatta go back, back to the past,samurai richard, woocha.

TDA 198
Minh Duong
How about we just live our lives as if all life is precious and worthy of the respect we wish for ourselves.?

Speedy Marsh
Well, I did wet my pants a little yesterday, but I didn’t cry about it. Maybe if I poop them today…

Rick Holloway
For example: Don’t know whether that water is boiling? just stick your hand in it!

LFG 1144 
Alexandre Cauchon
“Vizier, are you sinisterly reveling your schemes to my son again”
“I thought that came with the job descripion”

Maire Phelan
I love the “”There you are”” comment. It’s a baby. Unless baby Richard is a lot more capable than the average infant, it shouldn’t be too suprising to find a baby in a crib.
Then again the baby has a healthy apreciation for knives already so perhaps it’s not so unusual?

Galileo Figaro
This reads like the prologue of a protagonist whose life of debauchery and mischief took an unexpected turn when his village happened to be raided, arsoned and pillaged into ash by a group of yodelling raiders.

Denise Reiter
Face perpetually shrouded in shadow? Glasses glinting unsettlingly in the light?
Must be a good guy.


Now you know,