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February 5, 2016 | Costello

Scarf Ace!

In the couple of weeks, we’ve had positively Celsius days and the grass is starting to show. Lucky for us, everywhere else has been getting record snow falls and terrible weather, because the LFG Scarf is now available!


I’m no sports guy, but I believe this is technically a football scarf. What luck, because the Superbowl is allegedly this weekend! Jokes aside, this scarf is a super soft, it’s thick so it’ll warm you up but good, and it’s 63″ long. That’s over a meter and a half!

Also, just gonna remind people that Orphans & Ashes came out this week, and we’re  teaming up with the good people at Syrinscape to create an Orphans & Ashes SoundSet. I have a great time with Syrinscape in my Pathfinder game at home (and you’ll be able to use the Orphans & Ashes SoundSet for the Looking For Group Adventures roleplaying game, BTW), embellishing the action with appropriate ambient noise and sound triggers for things like maniacal laughter or death wails. As you’d expect, the Orphans & Ashes SoundSet will be loaded with fiery sound effects and orphan screams. We’d love to include a variety of screams, including yours. Send an MP3 of screams (either yours or whatever other screams you’ve recorded) to

In case you’re interested in helping but don’t know where to start, check out Syrinscape Ben’s tutorial.

The preorder is done, but we still have some SoundSets available. Anyone who orders a copy of Orphans & Ashes will get a free Orphans & Ashes SoundSet while supplies last!

Now that everything Orphans & Ashes related is over but the shouting, let’s look at the top comments from the second half of January 2016.

LFG 949
Kai Kohaku (Lily Kusatsu)
Is it bad that I imagined Yakety Sax playing?

“To be fair, Dragon Dude could have said said something earlier, like when the BOOM first happened, he could have given a “”hooray”” in solidarity, or even contributed something like “”boomin’ plummage”” to Richard’s flower rhymes (hey, it’s a good as “”burial perennial””). But nooooo, he just stands there quietly in his cell fuming because Benny and Richard haven’t come to rescue him yet.
Dragon Dude just isn’t a team player.”

Bulldog Hero
He is just dragon them back!

TDA 101
“there’s an error on the 4th panel.
the flames from the cruise ship aren’t showing in my browser :)”

Lord Wodan
I bet he prefers Tom Cruise.

“And soon, Little Dick was proud to own a new Mickey Mouse hat(tm).
It really looked like the real thing.”

LFG 950
“One little, two little, three little Chachas… SLAM!
Four little, five little, six little Chachas… SLAM!
Seven little, eight little, nine little…

Speedy Marsh
“Richard spent so much time in the slammer that he became one.
Five minutes is a long time, right?”

Mr. Random
“He’s part of the group at this point, he needs to get used to:
Casual murder,
Casual lying,
Casual political power shifts,
Casual kidnapping,
Casual disregard for others not in the group,
And Cale.”

NPC part 20, page 1
And once that price has been paid, it’s time to get Kraken.

She was so hard to find the artists and writer had to search an extra 2 weeks to pin down her story.

Ivory Bill
Downvoting is a commodity these days.

LFG 951
Mike Fang
When you confirm your crit on an Intimidate roll.

Angel D. Figueroa
this reminds me of the episode of Doctor Who, “The Empty Child,” where they were cornered by all those gas mask zombies and the Doctor bought some time by saying he was very cross at them and they should go to their room.


NPC part 20, page 2
I really love this artist’s style. That man’s eyes are beautiful.

Mr. Random
“So. She kicked her crewmates overboard to have legal claim to the entire ship, and has been waiting until there was a job they were desperate enough to have done that the governor would protect her claim to the ship.
Overall, not bad.

I mean. Bad, but well done.”

Is one of the mouse chokeholding another at the bottom of the panel?

TDA 102
Audrey Williams
Lmao Dick pulled his Trump card

“I’d vote for the soulless, delusional one.
I mean the one who deals with unholy forces.
I mean the warlock.

Also because tiny Dick is just too adorable (yes, thats what she said …).

NPC part 20, page 3
Doesn’t matter, had sex. Also, pirate booty.

Well. Elsa changed in her later years.

Matthew Kahne
You could try the old “I’m married, and this was a colossal mistake on my part” strategy. Or the “I was drunk last night, so I feel this was a misunderstanding” strategy. Or the always classy “I’ll call you later. Right now I have to go to work” strategy.

Plot twist, that’s assaracus

The Shadow
Hard to have an exit strategy when ur in bed with lucifer.


Be excellent to each other, and bundle up!