Non-Player Character: Archives

Non-Player Character is a series set in the world of LFG, telling the stories of characters that don’t usually get the limelight. It is currently taking a break but there are plenty of stories to read through in the archive below!

Tales as Old as Tim
The Hctib Diaries
A Gnome Song
The Daughter
Not A Beholder
Those Left Behind
Candor with Landor
What Lies Beneath the Underneath
Great Pain, Greater Gain
A Very Bad Day
The Truth of a Sword
All Hail the Queen
Nature's Wrath
My Jurisdiction
His Father's Son
The Accessory
Tales as Old as Tim Part Two
And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors
A Friend You Haven't Yet Met
Always a Price
The Liveliest of Convexes
High Five
All The Colors of the Rainbow
A Thing Now
The Shrubbery
Those Left Behind Chapter Two
My Cup Runneth Over