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August 12, 2022 | Costello

I’m Costello!

Sohmer announced a few weeks ago that I’m taking over the writing on Looking For Group issue 59*.

For those who don’t know, LFG releases 2 pages a week of a 24-page issue. Although we’re not releasing them in physical volumes at the moment, keeping this format means we can pick up collected volumes where we left off without (wait for it) issue.

Oh! And for those who don’t know me, hello! I’m writing LFG!

Twelve years ago I walked into a local comic shop and found a bizarre fantasy comic with an Alex Ross Kingdom Come parody cover. What was it? Why did it have credits on every page? It didn’t matter. The art, humour, and storyline drew me in immediately.

A few years later, I found out they were a local independent English comic publisher. That’s rare in the mostly French Montreal. I even had friends who started working there. Slowly, I got more involved with the company and the comic’s creators. I interview Lar DeSouza on my podcast. I joined Ryan Sohmer’s paintball team. Eventually, I pitched them the Looking For Group Roleplaying Game Boxed Set. Not only did they buy the pitch, they hired me. Soon I handled the development of LFG merchandise.

However, I’m not just a fan. I have a writing degree. So, I wrote a Tiny Dick’s Briefs or two. I created a mirror universe retelling of the events of the comics in Grouping For Looks. I wrote on the LFG blog for years. Still, getting to write the comic itself is a huge leap forward for me.

As a longtime fan of Looking For Group, I’m exciting to contribute to this world and work on these characters that I’ve loved for over a decade. I’m easing into the role with a short story focused on NPCs. But soon, I’ll be writing Cale’s adventures with Dick.

*Sohmer thought about waiting until issue 69 for the handoff. As nice as that would be, issue 69 starts in June 2038.