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July 26, 2022 | Sohmer

Farewell, World

It’s been a while since I got to address you folks directly, so let me revel in it for a bit.


Anyhoo, I’m sure the majority of you noticed that there was no new page of LFG yesterday. And for the ones who didn’t notice, I am deeply concerned  about your observational skills. Regardless, I figured I would show up today and explain why there was no new page yesterday, and what that means going forward.

To say I’m busy these days is a massive understatement.

Laughing Dragon Studios has taken off over the last decade and become a wonderful animation studio, whose work you’ve probably seen dozens of times over the years without even realizing it. One of my favorite projects we’ve been working on for 3 years is Central Park on Apple TV+. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do so.

Running a studio takes a toll, and something eventually had to give.

That said, I am taking a sabbatical from writing LFG for Issue 59.

But no panic! No panic, I said! Are you panicking? Better not be.

After giving Lar a much needed 2 week break (he’s old and needs this), LFG Issue 59 will be returning on August 8th. Lar will be drawing, Ed will be coloring and Ryan Costello will be writing. You all know Costello well around these parts, he’s been de-facto running the site for a few years now, and no one knows the LFG Universe more than him (including me).

This will give me the chance to catch my breath, and plot the future of LFG.

So, TLDR: Me taking break. Lar taking 2 week break. Costello write new comic thingy for a couple of months.

We’ve been doing this since 2006, and we’re just getting started. As always, we wouldn’t be here without you. Thank you.

-Because I Can