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November 6, 2017 | Costello

Halloween 2017

In the tradition of Celtic pagans, every October 31st Blind Ferret celebrates the summer’s end by dressing up to honour that which we idolize, mock that which we think is dumb, or sexualize that which we think someone at a party would want to hook up with. Mostly the first one.

Note Superman (Jay)’s hands are dressed as Sohmer and Lar. And if you’re trying to figure out what Jordan (between construction worker Josh and clown Carly) is, he just picked up the Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow swords and put on a podracing helmet and Bear blanket so he could get in the picture. Gabe is the most convincing Eleven this side of Millie Bobby Brown, and Nancy killed it as Final Fantasy’s Vivi Orunitia.

But wait! Who’s that lithe blonde elf behind the generic ’80s time traveler (Dave was weirdly concerned about his costume infringing on Universal Studios copyright)? Why it’s LFG’s protagonist, Cale’Anon Vatay!

My original Halloween plans fell through and I needed a back-up, quick. I already owned the official Cale scalemail shirt (and you can too!), had the perfect green pants (OK, with cargo pockets but I don’t benefit from hammerspace), and inherited a bow and arrow set that Sohmer was bored with, so I was already 90% of the way to Cale.

I hit the local Halloween depot hoping to find a blond mullet. Sadly, MacGyver and Joe Dirt just weren’t popular costumes this year. I had to settle for a generic lady wig that I curled a big to have bangs. Surprisingly, the bigger challenge was the elf ears. I held out hope that they’d have foot long pointed ears, but that wasn’t to be. My options were rounded grey blobs they were selling as “pointed ears,” a pair of child-sized Link ears, or a pair of adult-sized Link ears sold with a hat I didn’t want. Kids ears for me!

The kid ears ended up working out better than the adult pair because they only fit on the tip of my ear, leaving my ear holes for ear buds and making my pointed ears look longer. That comment ended up sounding way more sexual way more often that I could ever have dreamed…

Speaking of comments, here are your top comments for October 9th to 20th, 2017!

LFG 1129
Justin Piccolo
For everyone nitpicking about the supposedly absent laws of physics here (and can’t just let “it’s a webcomic” be enough of an explanation), consider this.
The dragon said the core was the center of their world. This does not have to be taken literally. It could be the “core”, as in the source of something in a figurative sense. He also said center of their “world”, not planet, so it could figuratively mean the “center” as in that around which something is formed/concentrated.
It could be as simple as “Big magic ball, source of all life on this planet”.

Matt Tierney
I mean Richard already blew up the moon with risidual fire he pulled from a small village and ejected into space. I think physics has long left the building.

Brendan Decicio
Dick went and started the fire!
He got it burning and Cale’s head is turning!
Dick went and started the fire!
Yes he did ignite it, though orphans try to fight it!
Kudos if anyone can take random events from the series to write the rest of the verses. . .

Robert Loughrey
Make a Hero, Name him Cale, Meet Dick, Child Wail, Got Burned up, In a sack, Green babe brought him back. Dick went and started the fire….

TDA 191
DE Wyatt
Readers: Diversity is fine, but you should make new characters.
Comics Studio: Ok, here’s a new book.
Readers: Ugh, ANOTHER new book? There’s too many already, I can’t afford to add ANOTHER to my pull list!
Studio: Well, we only have X books, with Y characters to fit into Z roster spots. Who do we leave out—
Readers: DON’T YOU DARE TAKE AWAY MY <insert 40 year-old character here>

Ernest Castro
Plus, a Moose alien became Thor and no one batted an eye.

Amber Heath
Diversity that’s sincere and well-researched is great, but writers basing characters solely on their own preconceptions, and/or relegating them to support or a curiosity, is more harmful than I think most of them realise. The absolute worst is when someone “tries” to be inclusive, writes some tropey, fetishised token character and people don’t actually notice how bad it is because the stereotype runs so deep. It’d be nice if we could typically be more supportive of people who point this out and try to fix mistakes, instead of trolls labelling them ingrates and turning the conversation into “snowflake sjws vs ignorant media pig”

LFG 1130
Jerome Davis
When they argue, are all their arguments strawman arguments? I hope Richard knows that burning them won’t bring back the bees. When he wipes them all out, that will be the final straw.

Matthew Kahne
It’s funny. All of the property he sells is very cheap and incredibly nice, but it’s always up the coast.

Mitch Tempo
I’m almost tempted to put the last frame on the back of my real estate card lol

LFG 1131
Martin Ross
I wonder if they will remove the hilt as well as the blade? They could be saying blade to reference the sword, or just the blade, and I keep thinking it is just the blade not the whole sword.

Qwefg Lockheart
To be fair the core wasn’t on fire when they stored it there.

Aaron Tomlinson
Second Panel. The coffee that exited my nose at near Mach 2 velocity narrowly missed my keyboard. Unfortunately, I now have to purchace some new window clraner and paper towels… lol

Michael Green
This seems to hark back to the MMORPG roots of the comic, one sidequest leads to another until you just want to find the murder NPC button, love it:)

TDA 192
Eruanion Nolaquen
I say arson for the stores that put out Christmas displays in August. Heck, they don’t even keep things up for the 12 days of Christmas anymore. Everything is gone the 26th, but the run up takes half the year

Minh Duong
I went looking for gloves for my young son last year in January (4th pair of the season)- in Canada. I was told by many stores that they didn’t carry gloves any more because it is “out of season”.
All I can say about this topic is: “Who were the ad wizards that came up with that one?” and “Can I point Tiny Dick in their direction?”

Kai Lowell
Now this is an amendment I can get behind.

Zelias Barbieri
can we include november as well?

LFG 1132
Dee Zed
I feel a quest to gain an item to complete a quest coming up…..or is that a quest to gain an item to complete the quest for an item to finish the quest? I kinda lost count…..

Owen Atkinson
What would be a comfortable part of a person’s anatomy to have a stick up?

Terry Arnold
Poor Richard didnt realize the core is a mythic challange and thus standard Fire resist wont do tsk tsk

Alexandre Cauchon
Stupid NPCs putting the warning after the instruction



Now you know,