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March 20, 2015 | Costello

Controversy in the Comments! Continuity Gone Crazy! Your Top Comments for March 13th to March 19th

How was your day? Me, I had to chase after a coworker’s dog who made off with another coworker’s boot, then was asked, and I quote, “Can you lie over there on the floor as if on a bear-skin rug by a fire place and read this looking sexy?”


Because Looking For Group volume 7 is available for preorder, and Moss wanted you to know about it.

Panning for the week’s comment gold by definition means Will and I skip over anything repetitive. That means not only skipping anything unoriginal, but also overlooking the conversations that spontaneously break out. Like this week’s repeated references to Hammerspace.

Many readers questioned LFG page 862; how could we have seven panels of clearly Wee King-less Richard running in, followed by a panel of *SPOILERS* Richard wielding a Wee King hammer. The most common response (often with a hefty dose of duh undertone) was “Hammerspace”.

Hammerspace is an ancient cartooning tradition that dates back to caveman drawings. It wasn’t uncommon to find sketches of a mastodon pwning a fleeing Neanderthal, only for the next drawing to show that same Neanderthal suddenly armed with a spear and a chip on his cave shoulder. The hammer in Hammerspace comes from Looney Tunes, where a regular punchline was for an empty-handed Bugs Bunny to reach off-camera and come back with a hammer with which he wallop usually Elmer Fudd. Because, just like how Fudd wasn’t completely murdered by the head trauma, the rules of that world are different from the rules of our world.

Readers should not be faulted for overthinking when there’s nothing there or they’ll be conditioned not to look for the setups and payoffs that are. But man does Hammerspace make things easier. And not just in comedy. Much champagne was uncorked when the writers of 24 realized they could just give Jack Bauer a messenger bag and he could pull virtually anything the action needed from it. Laptop? That’s in Jack’s sack. Lock pick? That’s in Jack’s sack. Sodium pentothal? You better believe that’s in Jack’s sack.

So instead of Sohmer worrying about regularly referencing that shopping trip to the MacGuffin store, or Lar loading the characters up with enough storage capacity to make Cable say “Dude, tone it down with all the pouches,” there’s the occasional swing into Hammerspace. Sometimes, like on page 862, to great comedic effect. And we’re all better for it.

Onto your top comments for the week, pulled from just off-screen!

NPC Tale 13, page 5


why do we even live in this place? A place where your survival depends on a bug population that can be eliminated by a goat is suicide

Robert Loughrey

I don’t care how many “learned” elders tell me that the volcanic ecosystem is out of balance. I dont believe in Global Cooling due to lack of volcanic gases. Its all just a myth from those leftie druids to scare people and to suppress business. God is on our side and he would never allow anything that bad to occur.


Looking For Group page 861


And this my friends is why – when a strange man wearing a trenchcoat and sunglasses offers you a choice between two pills – you say ‘Neither, thanks’.


NPC Tale 13, page 6

Candide Scaramouche

Thank god the tomatoes survived! Can’t have the traditional bloodrage funerary BBQ without some sauce!


I was looking at the bleeding one on the right, and started googling goat recipes…. Anyone else hungry now?


Tiny Dick Adventures 57


It is always nice to give something back, whether it’s a bad pun or a fireblast.


Every Day, Burn, Burn Burn

There is a Reason to, Burn, Burn, Burn

And a flame to every person in my way.

A flame when they’re born, a flame so they die

A flame to burn plants, a flame for some creep

A flame for a thrill, a flame while you cry

A flame while I laugh, a flame to burn sheep

Every Day, Burn, Burn Burn

There is a Reason to, Burn, Burn, Burn

And a flame to every person in my way.

A flame to burn up, a flame to burn down

A flame to burn feet, a flame to cook food

A flame in the sky, a flame on the ground

A flame when I’m bad, a flame when I’m good

Every Day, Burn, Burn Burn

There is a Reason to, Burn, Burn, Burn

And a flame to every person in my way.

A flame that sparks love, a flame that’s your fate

A flame that starts wars, a flame that ends fights

A flame that ends lives, a flame in a debate

A flame that every day, a flame all through the nights

Every Day, Burn, Burn Burn

There is a Reason to, Burn, Burn, Burn

And a flame to every person in my way.

A flame of blood and rage, a flame of crimson red

A flame on a ripped up corpse, a flame on the freshly dead

A flame for those you love, a flame with all my hate

A flame that will burn you all, I swear… that is your fate!!!!


Looking For Group page 862

Galileo Figaro

Good Guy Richard: He doesn’t breathe, yet he still teaches junior the importance of correct respiratory rate during exercise.

Audrey Williams

Dreams DO come true. :,) Abandoning your kids lets you follow your dreams. Just don’t forget to bring them along in the end. Restrained, of course.


Leave it to Richard to redefine child abuse. By that, I mean abusing something with a child. On a side note though, I don’t believe Charles minds one bit and will enjoy his new play pal.


Lord Ashendale? I am from Childrens Protective Services, and I am afraid after that display I just witnessed I am going to have to take this child away…. FWOOOOOSH!!!!!!!!!!!