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September 21, 2018 | Moss

You Did It!

Friends, when we launched the Looking For Group Volume 10 Kickstarter pre-order campaign we were all like


Then you guys did something amazing and funded it in just over ONE DAY! So we were like


And now that we’ve witnessed how awesome your support is, we want to say thanks to you like


On behalf of Sohmer, Lar, Ed, Dunlavey and everyone around here who works to bring a little Dick into your life, THANK YOU all from the bottom of our hearts, which are deep inside our bodies! Your support is amazing and so very, very appreciated!!

The campaign still has 19 days left, so there’s still plenty of time get your pre-order in to assure your copy of LFG 10 is signed! You can also take advantage of the discounted add-ons!

So let’s do it to it!