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November 9, 2017 | Will

What’s next For Fork’s Sake?

It’s been a few weeks since we’ve launched the Android version of the game, and overall we’re pretty happy with the results. Both versions of the game are now at the same point and being developed together, so we shouldn’t have any one of them being any different or better than the other. So the question now is, “What’s next?”

Our dev Brandon, our artist Laurence, and I have all been going over every aspect of the game to see what we could improve. We’re looking at all the feedback, replaying certain sections with an analytical scope, and reviewing our experiences overall as gamers. While we’re happy and proud of what we’ve made, we’re awash with ideas of how to grow the game. New content, more rewards, events and contests, and so much more. I won’t spoil anything, but we’re really excited by the stuff we’ve added to our roadmap.

So why tease you if I have no intention of spilling the beans? I mainly want to assure everyone that TDA: For Fork’s Sake is something that we’re going to continuously work on. We’re going to keep growing, improving, and learning.

Thanks to everyone who’s downloaded and played so far! Keep an eye on the blog for updates and announcements!