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November 13, 2017 | Costello

Unplugging Philly

If you are going to Philadelphia this weekend for PAX Unplugged, you aren’t the only one! Sohmer, Will, Greg, and I will all be there at booth 956 with our ever-expanding selection of tabletop game offerings.

This is the first ever PAX Unplugged, so we don’t know exactly what to expect from it. Obviously, PAX conventions have been extremely successful in the past and boast some of the largest attendance numbers for nerd gatherings in the past decade. While this isn’t a typical PAX show, it’s not so far from the PAX wheelhouse that we can’t be optimistic about the turnout. We just aren’t counting our golden goose eggs before they get laid.

If you’ve attended a PAX event in the past, let us know your thoughts and what you expect from PAX Unplugged in the comments below. Speaking of comments, here are the top comments for October 23rd to November 3rd, 2017.

LFG 1133
Lehi Briggs
An now Richard becomes the all powerful core and starts smashing mountains on the surface into each other to see which makes the more satisfying sound.
Mistress of Magma for the win!

Wyatt Millar
Benny was captured in the city and replaced, in order to kill Richard and trap Cale in the core. Whatatwist.

Garry Cylon
Richard has come back from far worse places, and dismemberment never phased him before. Even his title of “Mistress of Magma” suggest that this is merely something new, and I doubt even Richard would make something that would kill him without also making a few loopholes.

Steven Keppler
Alas, poor Richard! I knew him, Pella: a warlock of infinite, dark jest, of most disgusting fancy. He hath borne me in his purse many times, and e’en still, how abhorred in my imagination it is! My gorge rims at it. Here hung that rictus grin that I have been nauseated by each day. Where be your name-calling now? Your comparing me to a woman? Your attempts to get me to fal off a cliff? Your flashes of merriment at mine expense, what were once wont to cause Pella and Benny to giggle behind mine back (as though I knew not?) I hadst thought thou would mock thine own death. Quite silent, what with no torso or head, eh?
No, I am not procrastinating tonight, why?

TDA 193
Geoffrey Knox
I was gonna say russian nesting dolls generally look similar, then i remembered a meat bag is a meat bag.

Speedy Marsh
Aww… Ducky from NCIS would have loved doing that autopsy… until Jimmy Palmer said it reminded him of a turducken.

Russell Levine
Some folks might feel a little hollow after this.

Valentina Savchenko

LFG 1134
Jon Taylor
I have to say, if they were ever to kill off Richard, I think this is the way they would do it: a joke which leads to him kiling himself in a random manner. I hope I’m not right.

Joshua Wedge
If they end the comic, they will lose more than 90% of readers… I mean, kinda by definition…

Speedy Marsh
Natan Linggod, remember Cale’s upbringing at the monastery? Anyone who hurts him that bad or that often, Cale considers family.

LFG 1135
Obrad Stajic
Aha, a way to bring Richard back:
Kale: “It’s so crooked, and kind of short, I doubt it can even penetrate deep enough.”
Richard: (from inside the Core) “That’s what she said!”

DE Wyatt
This sums up my feelings of about 99% of swords in fantasy games. It’s like they’re all born of a Kit Rae wet dream.
GOD I hate Kit Rae…

Cameron Seipel
Because you’re the one who ate it and started the process that twisted it in such a way, genius. Not sure if said process occured while it was residing in him, or if it was the removal that caused the blade to become so horribly warped though.

Sean Buczek
I think I figured out why that sword is going to “bend the rigid.” Hear me out:
The sword part of that sword is WAY to decorated (and convoluted) to be used for combat. Note that it has gems set directly into the blade itself. Now look at the end of the hilt. What does that look like?
If someone is being uptight, a common phrase is to say “they need a drink.” The pomel of the sword is a bottle opener…
They need to go on a BENDer with the princess, get her to loosen up.

TDA 194
Mark Wells
Hawaii just started fining people for walking glued to their phones… Toronto is considering it now too..
About f@#$ time if they do.
As well as people riding bikes and texting or talking on phones.
Natural selection… 🙂

Angel D. Figueroa
I’ve seen people walking around looking at their phones fall into public fountains or step in wet cement, and then get mad at their placement. I also heard they were throwing around the idea of putting “walk/don’t walk” signals on the curb so people looking down at their phones could see them when they cross the street. In the latter case I would rather have those signals reversed to eliminate the former case.

Speedy Marsh
I wonder how long it’ll be, before cell phones incorporate enhanced reality systems that communicate with nearby objects, to warn pedestrians of nearby dangers. A manhole could send out a local alert, when it’s cover is off. A crosswalk could make phones display a virtual barrier, when the “”DON’T WALK”” sign is lit. Radar and cameras incorporated into the traffic light system could alert pedestrians when a vehicle doesn’t appear to be stopping, and alert drivers when they’re about to run a red light. Crash avoidance systems in cars could even be alerted to automatically brake, if pedestrians are detected in the crosswalk.
The technology to do all that is already available. I imagine one of the biggest obstacles to that kind of integration would be liability. Who’s responsible, when something goes wrong with a system like that, and someone gets hurt?

Maire Phelan
Ooh, I’m going to check if TDA updated while walking to work *SPLAT*

LFG 1136
Travis M Heintz
Not going to lie, took me a minute to process “Elfin Owl Glee Blade” into “Effin Ugly Blade”. Well done.

Jan Kámen Bříza
Not going to lie. I needed to read your comment to realize that “Elf” and “in” are not two words 😀

Pippo Cestino
I’m hoping it turns out the blade is messed up because it’s been inside Cale and it assumed the shape of his psyche/soul/whatever.
Given how many times he’s been betrayed, humiliated and broken, I would assume this swords perfectly resembles his situation, and to repair the sword they’ll have to repair Cale 🙂

Martin Ross
I am guessing he is asking Richard, who is now in the core/a gem/possesed the mushroom king. The name sounds like one he would make up and pass off as the real name to make a fool of Cale.


Now you know,