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May 31, 2022 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1611 – 1612

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourites from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1611 – 1612.

Looking For Group page 1611

Plan D:
“Cut my life into pieces.
This is my last resort”

I don’t blame you Stranger. I probably would question why I’m rescuing these guys too.
Katherine Delain

And the lock is hooked up tooooo….an alarm? See? I told you they needed the unicorn of unlocking!
Maighdean Dubh


Cut it out, Richard! 😃
Wim ten Brink

I mean, he said it, not Richard. Best get to work…
David Camp

[positively hypnotic onion dicing gif]
Diana Piselli

Looking For Group page 1610

She has brought the cup Cale will now clatter back and forth against the bars, shouting “Let me out, ya screws!”
Russell Levine

As long as we don’t get the Ostrich of Obfuscation.

Uh-oh, the bars were made by the Lynx of Linux!

Funny story. Australia had an ”Emu war” once. We lost… (Look it up, lol)
Pretty sure this is the type of emu that the Emu army was running away from…
The Emu war killed roughly 250 birds… When bounties were imposed later roughly 200 times that were killed.. The Emu’s still remain…
Garry Cylon


New favorite character just dropped.
MA Hood

“The Emu is also my wife”
Robert J North

The Emu of Explanation looks to have something else on its mind that it wants to say. Is there a cat of censorship?
Siabhra Dubh

I’m only interested in the Cow of Steaks and the Pigs of Bacon. The Chicken of Eggs is also okay…
Wim ten Brink