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October 19, 2021 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1547 – 1548

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourites from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1547 – 1548.

Looking For Group page 1547

This should indicate, that the “Boss” in this level will be “hctib gib”

Hello? Yes please, I’d like to order one of those adorable dragons.
Maighdean Dubh

That’s what happens when you wash your dragon… They shrink… 😀
Imperial Emperor

Smaug the Smol. A teacup Tiamat. Itty-bitty Ingeloakastimizilian.


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw, so cute!
Vicky Forquilla

When did Richard become a giant?
Mark Chapman

Is no one else concerned by the fact that his wings were removed, likely by force, just so he could have those prosthetic mechanical wings?
Joshua Sexton

Looking For Group page 1548

Not so elttil, but still a hctib.

Calling it. Stat swap spell. Ditry little trick (or elttil kcirt) where you increase your own body size and power, at the cost of a bigger living being.
Bram Weinreder

In all that time, he still never found a shirt?
Mr. Random


Bro answer the question
David Eichler

It is yet to be proven that it isn’t.
Joe Longerbeam (in response to Robert J North asking “Did anyone else think he was sitting on a toilet for a second?”)

Jokes on you, Elttil Hctib is just having someone project a more swoll form using magic.
It’s not real Richard, don’t fall for the fake Elttil Hctib!
Mark Chapman