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August 17, 2021 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1529 – 1530

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1529 – 1530

Looking For Group page 1529

and we say people with small dongs overcompensate…

Fun Fact: He’s A Short Dude is the name of the building.
Katherine Delain

Raiding the short dude, hctib his name
Going all out PEWPEWS and flame!


Ah. The good old Napoleon complex.
Michael Poon

[he’s an angry elf.gif]
David Camp

Robert J North

Looking For Group page 1530

I never thought I’d see Transformers in LFG. Crossover time!
Adrian Meredith

Hmm… it turned into a hot rod… god why am I expecting to see Godzilla turn up soon?

So how do they know how to drive? This could be a disaster…
Maighdean Dubh

Say what you will about the little screecher, he’s got great taste in cars.
Brett Stratton


All the easter eggs in these latest stories are just…out of this world!
David Camp

He might be a hctib elttil but he knows how to make an impression for sure
Andrea Romani

But does he dare to be stupid?
Robert J North