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January 12, 2021 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1465 – 1468

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1465- 1468

Looking For Group page 1465

Just have *insert giant lady’s real name* throw Cale at them and get the raid over and done with. lol
Katherine Delain

Tell the truth Cale.
To crush your enemies, to see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women.
Samuel Measa

I legit LOL at this one. “I don’t like being this close to you”
Sean Rotter


Cale’s trying so hard in that second panel
Robert J North

Cales face in the second panel is a gift
Skye Storey

“Look the fact that you’ve done this at all means you’ve got AT LEAST three stabbings coming, PER GUARD, and that’s just to start!”
Billy Burgess

Looking For Group page 1466

Slaughtering surrendered defenders is quite evil, and even Conan did it

SLAUGHTER THEM ALL! It’s officially an evil act!
The Legacy

Cale was really hoping for a blood bath.
If I had just gotten back into LFG. I’d be scratching my head and wondering if him and Richard had swapped minds.
Samuel Measa


Plot twist: Cale does in fact become evil, and left to his own devices can actually wipe the entire party. Give us an entire season with the party trying to stop Cale and failing miserably. Lol
Tyler Cornelius

Cale: I’m going to roll fir initiative.
Jay T Wilkey

Yea Cale what you gonna do
David Eichler

Looking For Group page 1467

Ah well, you can’t spell manslaughter without a man’s laughter 😉
Bram Weinreder

Well, let’s be honest. There are a ton of “dark” and evil things he could be doing right now if he really was all about getting his evil-alignment ranked up. Really bad stuff before killing them.
Seems to me that Cale want to only do enough evil so that the Plane-of-Suck doesn’t kill all of his friends. As opposed to seeing “Let’s see if I can crank this up to 11”

First the men, then the women, and let Richard take care of the orphans….
Garry Cylon


You know Richard just whispers “eat the children” under his breath
Robert J North

I do love bonus points..
David Eberhard

It’s not fair, man…I can’t kill….
David Camp

Looking For Group page 1468

Hey, it worked for Anakin.

Maybe he needs to humiliate them a little first. Every one dress like a dog and dance for a PBS special.
Samuel Measa

A quick death is just a form of mercy. Send those guys into slavery and send them to the Kitchen, where they belong! 😀
Imperial Emperor

Cale, take it from Richard who has been moidering people for god-knows how many years… just close your eyes, don’t think it’s a child though, think it’s your old “good” self that you’re purging.

In fairness, Cale’s murdered (what he thought was) a child before, for the greater good. It’s… honestly not a bad point, as well as being just… very on-point for Richard
Aloysius McGilicuddy

Ooo… Menacing laser eyes. Someone has watched The Boys 🙂
Bram Weinreder


With Cale’s luck he’ll probably throw away his swords which will decapitate all the guards.
Gregory Olsen

What about just mercilessly tickling them? That’s fucking evil, but I think he could handle it.
Willow DeCelano

It has taken me days, but I finally read the entire novel from the beginning. Now I have to slow down. How evil!
Jo Grier