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November 3, 2020 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1447 – 1448

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1447 – 1448

Looking For Group page 1447

look out for that chipskunk in panel 1!

So I’m goin to assume this is the obvious and that the mountains are alive and people?

Rudolf II, Holy Roman Emperor, had a horned hares in his menagerie. Scientists actually believed the real Jackalopes died out before the 1800s.
Also, for clarity, the comic depicts Rasselbock, not Jackalopes. Jackalopes have more pronounced and raised antlers.
Jerome Davis

the Jackalope is part of a wider horned rabbit family, like the wolpertinger in Germany / Bavaria. Some, like the wolpertinger, have wings. Others do not 😀
Tricia Blankenship

What is going on right now?
BrotherCavil (in response to Tricia Blankenship and Jerome Davis)


Wouldn’t surprise me if it was literal
David Eichler 

Yay jackalopes !!!
Lyle Pontes 

Is it “the mountain that eats things” that Richard wants?
Dakota Neufeldt  

Looking For Group page 1448

Ok, how about this… we keep her, and Pella can ride her.
Into battle, that is.
Or, other times. If they want.
Jeff Eppenbach

On the last panel of the previous page there looked to be a very large bird, possibly a phoenix, and I wondered if there was a weyr or riders. Her Spaulders have winged motifs, as does her spear.
Garry Cylon

Amazon hotty said what?
Really I can’t hear a thing after she started yelling.
Samuel Measa

Mulan has grown… 🙂
Imperial Emperor

Don’t mind her Pela, her ears haven’t popped yet. 😉
Katherine Delain


Ooh, the party could use a new member, it’s been awhile since they made a new friend. She seems like she has the right humor to fit in.
Eddie Quinto 

Well, I’ve been in love with Pella for quite some time now. But I do tend to like strong women, and I like short women, and I like redheads, so I guess it’s really no surprise.
Jeffrey Nonken 

Good heavens! I can hear her from way out here!
David Eberhard 

Pretty obvious that Pella wants to go up on her.
Dante Tesla Coal 

I already ship them
Jessica Pierpont 

Never thought I’d ship Pella with a massive mountain woman, but here we are. 🤷
Martine Hetfield 

I need everyone to stop shipping Pella with my new wife.
Jay T Wilkey