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September 22, 2020 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1435 – 1436

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1435 – 1436

Looking For Group page 1435

A spell of lethargy? They got me too!!!
Garry Cylon

There’s a pair of innocent chipmunks right there to test your theory, Richard…

Aww… Richard’s learning about compassion… MAKE IT STOP!!!
Katherine Delain

Ten bucks says Richard figures out that Cale forced Richard to cast a spell to make him not moider those people.

don’t ya hate alignment changes.
Erik Thornton


To be fair, Richard’s idea of clean is “setting it on fire and waiting for the ashes to blow away”
Robert J North

Yeah, that’s all I’m hearing. Excuses.
David Camp

Those dang spells randomly hitting ya
David Eberhard

Looking For Group page 1436

Panel 3’s translation: How dare…!
Katherine Delain

Is that Feelings as by the original Morris Albert or the version sung by Shirley Bassey?
Imperial Emperor

Need to get a framed print of the 3rd panel. It perfectly conveys Richard’s total umbrage and indignation here. Outstanding work!
Oni Tamashii


Richard: …. How dare you.
Matthew Shea

The spells win yet again
David Eberhard

Honourable mention: to David Camp, Mary Mak, and Martine Hetfield for choice gifs .