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June 23, 2020 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1409 – 1410

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1409 – 1410

Looking For Group page 1409

Judge… “We are going to need you to do some evil” Later, Cale… “Was that offensive-?”
Judge… “YES”
Cale should now say “Mischief managed” (A nod to Harry Potter)
Garry Cylon

So I just noticed that the judge is missing a glove in the third panel. LOL
He probably smacked Cale with it then put it back on. 😉
Katherine Delain

Cale is so eager to finish a task, once it is planted in front of him, that he will surely ask for the next one right away. Maybe it’ ll be “stab yourself” all over again.

“So is your name actually “The Honorable Mr. Moron” who is the chief “Turd Sniffer” on the court of “Giant Twats” “
“Really dude, that’s on you, not Richard. Come on.”

Ok, i’m happy that this joke returned. I’m also delighted to think that there was some kind of situation where Richard would tell the party about that whole trial arc.
Nemo Nekoi

They regenerate everytime, as implied by the NPC story on the other judge.
Lucas HB


To be fair, that attitude seems to be from the plane of suck, your honor. Not as in sucking your honor but, eh, what the elf does behind closed doors is none of my business and I would not dare to speculate as to how much of a deviant he is. I’ll let the rule 34 artists do that!
Robert Tobias 

Seems more like the plane of butt hurt….
David Dunning 

Please don’t offend the demons
Robert J North 

I waiting for Richard to show up dressed as lawyer to represent him
Lyle Pontes 

Looking For Group page 1410

So chaos is bad. And too much good causes chaos. Which is bad. So by doing good I am doing bad. And being bad is good. Therefore I will continue to help orphans as that would be doing bad which is doing good.
Also: if there is chaos then the world dies. Therefore Richard was right to burn down that orphanage as it really was attacking him.

Not particularly adept at their job since Richard massacred them all their last appearance, and completely ignored their authority and sentence.
Andrew Tung

that’s kind of cool, heroes are often derided as being champions of the status quo, but here we have proof that Cale is actually fighting against that

Wow, Cale has some prehensile ears!


Cale does not have the face of regret. X)
Matthew Matyi 

“Sorry not sorry” might still be the Best Answer when Talking about Richard.
Pedro De Oliveira Verissimo 

Cale be like *Elmostshrug.gif*
David Eichler