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March 9, 2020 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1379 – 1380

Monday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1379 – 1380

Looking For Group page 1379

Call back to a joke from chapter one. What is this Skullkickers?
But really, Who thinks Richard is trying to change the subject away from her?
Samuel Measa

still want to see the face cale saw on page 422
it’s one time richard lost black from inside his speech bubbles and cale’s comments right after that “he- he’s not dead.”

When I saw the cover page, and Pella had her hand up, I thought maybe, jjjjjuuuuuussssssstttttt maybe, she might actually get to say something.
Silly me.


These are the progressive times we live in where a girl can choose to identify as a flame hurling warlock attack helicopter. ^_^
Steven Poulsen

Everyone ready for the new impending R34 content this is sure to spawn?
Justin Lind

Re: Justin Lind I’m not sure if you are suggesting there wasn’t already such material or that you are tired of the “old” material.
Phillip Duda

Not me…I was pretty sure specially when a pink purse was a gear must-have.
I was just in doubt who it was. To me it would be Cale’s late wife Shora revived by dark magic…oh well…got that wrong.
João Pedro Taxa

Never compliment a lady on how well she’s growing that mustache…
Michael Buller

Looking For Group page 1380

There isn’t a universal pool of objective things everyone is okay with, with only everything you happen to dislike coming from a festering pool of Opinions the author normally keeps away from the rest lest it poisons the well. It’s all coming from the same place, Sfraden, my man. You like some of it, and you don’t like some other parts.
Same as normal, you know? If you really universally like some things in life, with not a shade of rejection towards any single aspect of those things, you are either Really lucky, or you are not very observant.
By all Means throw out the Richard figurine if the equipment under the dress bothers you. It’s meant to make You happy, it’s your stuff. But if you liked him enough without tits to buy merchandise of him, I think adding the tits shouldn’t change much or anything.
Just look at Richard. He is not switching to a feminine address is because he thinks it isn’t worth the time to make the distinction. He doesn’t give a hoot. Why should you?
? Ambrose

Richard has always been depicted to be pretty gender-fluid since the beginning. I don’t know how this comes at such a shock to you after everything they have said and done. Richard hasn’t changed. they are the same as they always have been, we just have a little more understanding of their background. Did you miss all the times Richard has used female titles or dressed in female clothing, or has acted particularly feminine? Richard has never strictly presented themself as a “he” in this comic.
Also, of course the author is spinning their personal views and life experiences into the comic! It’s their story, it comes from them. Any author’s work is going to reflect parts of themselves. It’d be flat and lack soul if it didn’t.
Alyssa Scharich


I feel that Richard doesn’t actually care what gender they are. It was mostly he for a long time, and I think Richard really just wants to stir the pot for the sake of it. In the end, Richard still has the manliest voice of them all, according to the musical numbers.
Gabriel Regan

Getting some real strong Missy reveal vibes here and I love it.
Mickey McCarren

I’ve decided that the author is wrong, and Richard is still male.
I’m much happier now, this had such a big impact on my life.
Mark Vilstrup Pedersen

It’s amusing to see how this is Richard’s way of coping.
Matthew Matyi