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February 24, 2020 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1373 – 1376

Monday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. I was away last week so here is a double-sized top comments for Looking For Group pages 1373 – 1376

Looking For Group page 1373

Ya know, I think we have all missed something. We take it as read that some or all merge. Ok, but why the doll? It was just a child’s inanimate toy, right? Something isn’t adding up. Methinks something has been hidden in plain sight here and while it might not get revealed in this run, eventually we are going to have to have the back story on the doll.
Or maybe it is going to turn out simpler. The sister needs the power to save her brother so she gets it. But her brother’s life force is now in that gem and no amount of magic can put it back in the original body so the gem and doll are joined and animated? But why the kaboom which apparently kills her? And what is in the crypt and why does their father end up in it? Still missing a pretty big piece of plot.
Either the kaboom was planned for by the archmage or it wasn’t. If it wasn’t it has to be the unplanned presence of the doll, since everyone else was expected. Maybe that doll is highly magical and upset the original plan? We do know the archmage will soon be skipping out of the ruins so it was either planned or he saw it as a happy accident.
John Morris

Cale’s like me if I get confused about a certain scene in a movie I pause it and look at every angle …….than I hit play lol
Nicholas Lancial

I started reading this comic about 10 years ago, and then lost track of it. I just started reading it again, and what a place to finally catch up!
A Man With Joe Name


When you pause a game and then come back later forgetting you paused right before you die.
Johnson Alrex

Watch it be a pony
Robert J North

People complaining that this reveal takes too long when I’m still waiting for that LFG Movie that was supposed to be released in 2008.
( No hard feelings. 😉 )
Guillaume Desjardins-Turcotte

Looking For Group page 1374

Maybe she has just became an undead like every other human in the blast radius. If you read the NPC comic that takes place after the explosion, the whole town became euphoric, transmogrifying joyfully bloodthirsty undead.
Dana W

Richard is not Regina, Richard made multiple mentions that his memories started to return after the whole Plane of Suck ordeal, and he has mentioned his sister and his father speaking in first person, the gem is mentioned by him many times as his source of power, and we see that the gem does have unique properties that directly influence his power level, like when it was altered by the Archmage channeling too much power into it.
So from that and the earlier scene where the gem was made, we can pretty much guess young Richard’s soul is now bound to the gem. Then there’s the scene where Richard confirms his first words after his rebirth where we can see his body has already become what it is now.
So the only reasonable explanation would be that the body of Richard in the current times is either what was in the coffin, his own body modified by the dark magic contained within the coffin, or his father’s body modified by dark magic, since they do have a striking resemblance especially in the last panels.
Keep in mind that these pages are supposed to have happened a REALLY long time ago, like longer than human life span kind of long. Because Richard notes that he has been around for hundreds of years, with no recollection of who he was at first, and when the Archmage confronted him finally he said that Richard was supposed to be Cale’s opponent, an evil for Cale to defeat on his way to becoming the true king, Cale is Elven so we don’t know what correctly defines his life span in this universe, so there’s a LOT of unanswered questions before we can finally unravel all this mystery.
Because I’m Batman


I’m going to have to change Richard’s voice in my head.
I always thought it was a deeper baritone but, given this, its more likely to have been a tenor
Tegan Frid

So his sister is alive?
Vincent Laniès

Re: Vincent Laniès “alive”
Arnaud Langenais-Desmarais

Looking For Group page 1375

Boy, girl, doll, lich, mage, such inadequate terms.

Ever since the “slaughter your world” parody, Richard has always had a Tom Hardy/Bane quality voice, whenever I read the dialogue… I mean, if Bane did musicals, that’s the voice I hear (minus the wheezy). Taking a page from Gorrest Fump “Magic is, like Magic does”

Is she going to lose her right eye now too?
Sade George


Oh it’s coming together now…
The doll and the sister must have fused.
Considering her saying that she should have protected her brother.
That could explain why Richard at one time had to protect the innocent to be able to use his magics.
Linda Andersson

so wait… this just raises more questions…. like…. does richard have boobs?? o_O
Patrick Foley

Looking For Group page 1376

*insert sailor moon transformation song here*
Raphael Silva

As per page 250 all we know is its “family” in the coffin.

Every page we get closer, the more I’d respect the absolute troll of having Cale ripped from the scene right before the reveal.
Mr. Random


great. now i’m going to have to re-read the entire 1376 pages and read richards voice in a more feminine tone….
Patrick Foley

“Please dont make the Super suit green… or animated!”
Michael Sturdy

*Plot twist* this is not the plot twist yet
David Eberhard