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January 20, 2020 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1365 – 1366

Monday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are the top comments for Looking For Group pages 1365 – 1366

Looking For Group page 1365

And here we see a classic scene where the Dungeon Master goes ape-shit after he realizes his lovingly crafted plan has gone to shit because of the incompetent choices and twisted views of a group of murder happy hobos.

…Kinda what he’s always done.
Bumble around, exploring, occasionally helping people.
Flucking with your plans.
Stopping Richard from blowing up semi-successfully.
The usual.
-Mr. Random

Oh, Cale, do tell, and please, don’t leave out the part where you stabbed him in the head.
-Obrad Stajic


Me thinks there’s a smaller, younger version of Cale standing behind current Cale that he hasn’t seen yet that is being yelled at.
-Ned Wilson

“What have you done, Cale’anon!”
Well…he befriended an undead warlock. Nuff said.
-Amanda Vallance

I see, this operates on normal logic and not “A Christmas Carol” logic.
-Robert J North

about as awkward as cap returning the soul gem…
-Patrick Foley

“Can he see me”
Brilliant deductions from Cale’Anon.
-Jay T Wilkey

Looking For Group page 1366

You fell down some stairs.

You slipped in the bathtub.
Onto my sword.
In the head.
Oh look! A buffet!
Wait…it’s kittens.

I’m just speculating here: one possibility is the memory version of the person can act autonomously based on Richard’s impression of that person. This allows them to React to what’s happening in ways that Richard would think is in line with their character.
You know how some people can complete each other’s sentences? This might be Richard’s mind’s college try at something like that.
-? Ambrose

Especially since… clearly this child (who was implied to be Richard, quite often, over the last decade or so) is definitely not alive and/or he is not that size. He is ALSO a memory, in at least one sense.
I am reminded… of what am I reminded of ?
Someone was being charged with a crime? And they were being ripped on by everyone they knew and loved who they have caused harm to, inadvertently over time, and basically they sentenced him to death, for not being a good enough person? And it was revealed it was all their memories of these people, infused with grief/guilt. And it was only revealed when one of these memories achieved true sentience?
God, I wish I could remember what it was from. But those were the broad strokes. Coulda been a comic, coulda been a live action show. Literally nothing else.
-Aloysius McGilicuddy


Great, by giving him a super fear of bathing ever again you have changed the course of time and the whole time line will be destroyed!
-David Eberhard

Still, these memories are special, which is probably why there’s some sentience. It’d be hard to come to terms with being a memory let alone dead, however he died…but as someone stated, I bet it was a hilarious pose.
-David Camp