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July 3, 2017 | Costello

Top 12 Comments

I like to bring attention to comments that more than just rank among the top comments for the last week or two. Some comments will go down as top comments ever on the site. Congratulations to the latest name on this theoretical plaque that hangs in the office of my mind: Garry Cylon.

Garry Cylon’s comment about how page 1100 was page 12 in binary was not just smarter than any comment I could make, he backs up his intelligence observation with wit and charm. It’s like he rolled up a character for the LFG Adventures RPG boxed set and maxed out Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma, but in real life! You all, his humble fellow, acknowledged his three-pronged brilliance with 50 Likes!

Like many of you, Garry Cylon came to this site out of the aether. Little was researched about Garry Cylon’s post, but I believe he’s been around for a while and I’m pretty sure he makes the Top Comment cut pretty regularly. There’s no way of knowing how his name is pronounced, whether it rhymes with Harry or Hairy, but however you pronounce it will forever live on in your heads. Congratulations, Garry Cyclon. You did a thing!

While Garry Cylon’s the only poster this week to be added to LFG’s answer to Mount Rushmore, he’s not the only one to split our sides with a well-written zinger. Here are the top comments for June 19th to June 30th, 2017!

LFG 1097
Dee Zed
At last, the Key to Victory……now if they could just find a way to defeat the queen all would be well…..

Chris Hucklebridge
Ahh, the missing key to the secret treasure… not sure what’s in the treasure though…

Adam Lee
Hahaha Humvee keys. Knew some boots who looked for hours. Lol! This was great

Jaime Reed
That key is going to end up killing someone, isn’t it?

TDA 175
Janine Susan Lathrop Velasquez
Love what you do, and you’ll never have to “work” a day of your life.

April D. Korbel
This is my second comic today to prominently feature a battle axe. Must be time to add to my collection.

Laura Goodrich-Kocherhans
Richard is a resplendent example of crime of passion. He’s very passionate about his work.

Dariusz Wanat
It’s not about hating what you do, it’s about hating WHO you do it to.

LFG 1098
Galileo Figaro
Guys, I think I’ve figured out the plot with the dragon.
The dragon is, in fact, Cale’s father, who is not actually an effeminate elf but rather a half-dragon half-human hybrid, a facade he managed to keep up until now because the monks funded the monastery through cosmetologic miracles renowned across all elves.
It’s also why Cale is called effeminate.
He is too good with make-up, which he wears constantly and uses to hide all the bruises and cuts from Benny’s Bloodrage lovemaking rituals which involve decking him on the face right before climax.
Alternatively, the dragon is, in fact, a time travelling Charles.
Or a time-travelling CALE.

Ronald Culleton
3 Rules:
1. Always shoot straight,
2. Geek the mage first;
3. And never, ever deal with a dragon.”

Doug Bailey
A bag of holding, to go with Benny’s Bra of Holding.

LFG 1099
Denise Reiter
I like the one in the bottom left corner, with the sassy smile and one suspicious, squinty eye. The squinty eye’s all like, “Okay, George…what did you do this time?” and George is all “Heh heh…ask the guy in the foreground.” and the guy in the foreground is all like “Why you gotta be like that, George? All the time with you…”

Ryan Wareham
Beholder 1: Jim! Long time no see!
Beholder 2: Gods dams you Larry, that joke was Never funny!
Beholder 1: I can see you lost your sense of humor. Maybe we should organize a search party?
Beholder 2: ………

Gaël Cassetari
Stop calling them Beholders™. They’re not. Beholder™ is a trademark of Wizards of the Coast™ and any use of them without Wizards of the Coast™ signed consent would be a copyright infringement.
Which is not what’s happening here.
They’re eyeball thingies or something. Definitely not Beholders™.

TDA 176
Yücel Flavourius
*laughs in European*

Minh Duong
I don’t think that “Care” was ever a part the American “Healthcare” system…. other than the care to maximize profits that is.

Nanifa Ivan
Most people that comment “Natural Selection at work” always think that they are exempt from… wait a minute.

LFG 1100
Garry Cylon
Page 1100? That’s binary for 12…
Panel 1, Number of full (not cut by pages) secondary beholder eyes… 12
Panel 2, Total number of beholder eyes … 12
Panel 3, Total number of characters in speech excluding full stops (yes, I know I’m reaching, I could also have gone with total fingertips seen)… 12
Panel 4, Total number of secondary eyes and stalks not impinged by sides or captions … 12
Panel 5, Total number of eyes, including Richards … 12
This is your game for today, find more binary tie ins with todays page number 🙂

Alexandre Cauchon
“You don’t even call me by my name”
“Shut up elf”

Valentina Savchenko
You elves are all racist!

Chris Hucklebridge
I like the fact that while Benny, Dick and the Beholders are all looking at the Beholder with an eye patch, Cale is prancing away like a sook… either that or he is performing a weird mime… to a rock wall…

Now you know,