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November 27, 2018 | Sohmer

The Vidja Games

I have been fortunate of late, in that I have had some of what the ancient scholars referred to as ‘free time’ and have been able to vidja game (translation: video game).

I’ve always been very peculiar in what I play and have always veered away from games that are too engrossing, that would eat up too much of my time (I’m looking at you Skyrim). Instead, I’ve always preferred games that I can play for 30 minutes, an hour, do a few missions, and then log off.

Unsurprisingly, first person shooters are my favorite. Series like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Just Cause, Far Cry, Battlefront etc. are my jam (yes, I know Just Cause isn’t first person, but you can tie an F-16 to a cow, so there’s that).

Imagine my stress then, upon discovery that Call of Duty: Black Ops IV and Battlefield V were coming out within weeks. And then, imagine my sadness upon reading that Black Ops IV would not have a single player campaign.

I was stressed and sad.

But I comforted myself knowing that Battlefield V has single player missions.

As CoD was out first, I couldn’t break my streak of buying every damn game in the series, so I bought it. Even though I wasn’t keen knowing that all I’d get to play was multiplayer…

…until I discovered Blackout mode and holy shite is this game fun. I know the Battle Royale concept isn’t new (should’ve trademarked that, PubG), but I’ve never really been into it as much as I am now.

My Review of Call of Duty Black Ops IV: Well polished, easy multiplayer setup and Blackout & Zombie modes scratch most of my itches.

Battlefield V, on the other hand, is a beautiful, gorgeous looking game that I sometimes need to remind myself isn’t real.

My Review of Battlefield V: Gorgeous, with very short single player campaigns that leave you wanted more in an unsatisfying way. Game feels incomplete, as Battle Royale and 4th campaign are only due out next year.

Anyhoo, if you’re into the Black Ops thing, go ahead and add me at Sohmer99 on Xbox. I’m always looking for more folks to play with.

-Because I Can.