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December 11, 2018 | Sohmer


With convention season ended for the year, and not starting up again for a few months, I’ve taken a little time to reflect on my plans for 2019 and the things I want to accomplish.

The items on that list are numerous (and we’ll be talking about them soon), and a decision had to be made.

Gone are the days when Lar and I can do 15 shows a year, it’s simply no longer feasible. All that to say, we are cutting way back on the shows we do. As of now, we only have 4 conventions on our schedule for next year and that is likely to be where it stays.

Conventions have been such a large part of my career over the last couple of decades and I’d be lying if I said cutting down on them didn’t bother me. Cons have become nerd summer camp, with a culture and community all their own, and I’ll miss spending 60 days a year on the road.

And at the same time, I won’t miss them at all.

I want to create, I want to make more content, and to do that, my ass needs to be in this chair.

We’ll roll out our schedule early in the new year

– Because I Can.