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February 22, 2018 | Moss

Now Available: Richard’s Tiki!

My friends, it’s been a long, cold and gross winter where we are. There’s literally 4 feet of snow and ice on my front lawn, and while it may seem like we’ve been quiet lately, we’ve been hard at work on a few different projects, including this thing here, and what I bring to you today. 

Behold; the Richard Tiki Mug! 

This hand-cast ceramic tiki has been in Lar’s mind for, well, forever, and in our developmental hands for about 6 months now! It comes boxes with not one, but TWO Richard-themed cocktail recipes!

We’ll have these (and these, and these and these and these and more!) with us at ECCC next week, but if you’re not in the Seattle area or just can’t wait, the Tiki is available in the store…. right…. NOW!

Dig in and enjoy while we dig out of the snow! If these move well, I can’t see it being the last one we do!