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February 1, 2018 | Moss

Now Accepting Commments

It may seem like we’ve been a little quiet over here in LFG-Land during the first month of 2018. All I can say is that it’s when we’re at our quietest that we are working on the coolest stuff, so strap in. 2018 is going to be FUN!

Kicking off this new era of fun and excitement is a change you may have noticed: We’ve employed a new system for commenting and reacting to the posts and comics you see here on! The new system is called Vuukle and while relatively new to the comment-plugin-game, they offer up some pretty neat features for you guys to mess around with!

First and foremost you’ll notice new Share Buttons under the comic as well as a series of Richard Heads (or Dick-Moji’s – TM and C Blind Ferret 2018) across the top of the comment field. You can click any of these with a quick reaction to what you just read, letting us know what you think without having to sign up/in and leave a comment!

If that’s not enough and you want to sign up/in and leave a real word-filled comment it’s super easy to do so! You can login with with Google, Facebook, or email. Then you can create and edit a profile as you see fit! Makes a good spot to put those charity avatars from Lar, no?

Along with that, Vuukle allows for better sorting and reading of comments, lets us pick the really good ones as “Editors Choice” (a power I can’t wait to abuse!) and you earn points for every comment you make! What do these points get you? Well, make some comments and find out!

All in all, this is one more way that we’re trying to better connect with you so we can make sure you’re enjoying things as much as possible! Because, in the end, ain’t that what it’s all about?