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November 21, 2019 | Costello

LFGTBT – Pants?

Thursdays are LFGTBT, where we look back on LFG’s long history and share interesting trivia and commentary.

Another Throwback Thursday, another curiosity I came across when I was reformatting LFG scripts.

If you had to describe Richard, what words would you use? Violent? Hilarious? Violarious? Dad? All equally valid. What about physically? Bad ass? Necro-casual? Dad?

Again, very good suggestions. You’re good at this. So would you, someone good at describing Richard, ever use the word “pants?”

Obviously not, except in conjunction with the suffix -less. At yet, someone who knows Richard well used that very word to describe him. Someone named Ryan Sohmer!

In the script for the now-classic Looking For Group page 106, which saw the first appearance of a no-longer-a-baby Richard emerging from the rubble, Sohmer wrote:


Pants? Trenchcoat? Looking like a ninja? These do not a Richard make. Apparently someone agreed, because sometime between script and publication, this art for the panel was approved:


As classic a Richard look as his first appearance. So what happened? I asked Sohmer and he was helpful in the necro-casual sense.

“Lar just skims my description,” Sohmer said, under-the-bus-tossingly. “And he missed it.”

“I’m not sure what I was going for with that,” he added.

“Well, it wasn’t long after you changed Cale’s look. Maybe just a refresh?” I suggested.

“Yeah,” he said.


He walked away.

But you don’t have to walk away empty handed! Here’s an artist* rendering of the new Richard design from the script.


*But which artist? Could it be a Lar deSouza original just for this blog? Or maybe I threw it together in Gimp, the poor man’s Photoshop. Who can say?

Speaking Of No Pants

Did you know there are no LFG pants in the Blind Ferret Shop? If you, like Richard and the Blind Ferret Shop, don’t have pants, I suggest you wrap yourself up in the LFG Scarf to stay warm. It and many other great non-pants products are on sale now!