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December 21, 2022 | Costello

LFG Fan Profile: Jay T Wilkey

With the comic on hiatus until December 26th, we’re interviewing readers about how they got into Looking For Group and what they like about it. We also give them a chance to ask us questions back. Is it blatant fan service? Yes. And no one services their fans like LFG!

Today’s fan is Top Comments Facebook section regular Jay T Wilkey.

Our Questions For Jay

I say “our” questions like anyone other than me is involved in this…

Costello: One day you’re walking down the hall of your high school. Suddenly, someone approaches you. Yoo-Hoo by Imperial Teen starts to play in your head. They’re all you can think about. That someone is Looking For Group. What was it about LFG that grabbed your attention?

Jay: Funny enough, that’s not entirely inaccurate. This will actually tie into question 3. I was drawn into LFG when I was in high school. I had a girlfriend who had introduced me to Order of the Stick by Rich Burlew. She had physical media but inside promoted their website. From there it was a pretty easy jump to other ‘nerdy’ web comics like Penny Arcade Comics and LFG. What kept me around was the subversion of the typical adventuring party tropes and I’m glad I’ve stuck around since!

C: LFG Facebook engagement is up lately, but there was a time when you were the only reader we could rely on to comment on our posts. How does it feel to stand out as a fan?

J: It is shocking to me that LFG has been around for as long as it has and has had such low points of engagement. Although I did notice at some point that the Faces Book would stop promoting the page when I hadn’t commented. It feels like a happy accident that I’m so recognizable because I just want to keep reading your guys’ stuff.

C: Both Facebook and LFG launched to the general public in 2006. What were you doing in 2006?

J: In 2006 I was going to high school and trying to figure out what my purpose was. I did a fantastic job of that. Yep. Definitively. What was the question again?

C: When you’re not on Facebook or reading LFG, what are you doing?

J: I work as a merchnadiser for a local beverage bottler. I will not name them. They’re not paying either of us of advertisement. But the job itself involves going to to big box grocery stores like Wal-Mark and putting product onto shelves. When I’m not suffering through Holiday music I’m playing games on my computer. I’m currently taking on Horizon Zero Dawn.

C: Besides on social media, how have you engaged with the LFG community?

J: So, I’ve honestly not interacted much with the community. However! I did join you at GenCon in 2014 to help promote the pen and paper game supplement based on LFG. I have spent the last hour looking for my copy of said supplement but I seem to have misplaced it in a recent move.

C: LFG changed a lot over the years. Is there an era (however you define that) that stands out to you more?

J: I feel like ‘Arc’ might be a more accurate term. Richard’s time in the Plane of Suck and their trial was a very memorable time for me.

C: Is there a character you’d like to see return or explored further?

J: I did a quick google to ensure they’ve not been killed on screen (that tends to happen in this comic) and I would love to learn more about Tah’vraay.

C: Let’s say you’re reading Looking For Group one day and a friend asks “Ooh, what’s that?” How do you sell them on LFG?

J: I actually was talking to a friend about this interview and they said what’s that. I said : “It follows the adventures of Cale, Richard, and Benny as they travel the world and fail to right wrongs and bring justice.”

Jay’s Question For Us

Based on fellow Facebook fan Michael Ruic’s suggestion, I asked Jay if he had any questions for me. He only had one.

I noticed while composing my answers that you’re Laughing Dragons Studios now. What happened to Blind Ferret! When did it change?

Ah yes, “the change”.

As a long time fan, I’m sure you’ve seen Blind Ferret evolve over the years. Ultimately, the company was an advertisement company with creative departments. A few years ago, we relaunched an animation department. It was a huge success for us. So much so, it spun off into its own company.

It was an amicable split, but assets needed to be divided up. Entertainment departments went to Laughing Dragon, which included the comics. And that’s why Looking For Group is now published by Laughing Dragon Studios.

Thanks Jay!

If you would like to participate in a future LFG Fan Profile, send an e-mail to costello[at]laughingdragon[dot]studio with a brief introduction. If you get picked, we’ll go back and forth with a few rounds of questions, and you’ll get to ask me questions of your all. All of which I’ll turn into a blog post for the community to enjoy.