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July 21, 2023 | Costello

LFG Cancelled

No, we didn’t say anything racist on Twitter. And Disney didn’t listen to Slaughter Your World and say “Wait a minute…” I’m afraid this is the traditional kind of cancelled. After 17 years of sharing the antics and adventures of Richard, Cale, and company, Looking For Group is going on an indefinite hiatus.

Trust me, we wish this wasn’t the case. Publishing a successful comic online takes more than maintaining an audience. And as much as the online comic business has changed over the years, so have we. We aren’t even Blind Ferret Entertainment anymore, we’re Laughing Dragons Studios now. Our focus as a company gradually drifted in a different direction from what an online comic needs to be successful. We have to accept that the divide finally got too wide.

Is this the end of LFG? Who knows. Just in case, Lar, Ed, and I will be wrapping up the current story, but in a way that leaves the door open to a future revival. We were allowed to keep going until the end of August, and we took that offer to the extreme. Our final page goes live on August 31st. The next month and a half will be a wild rush of plot advancement to the comic’s conclusion. We invite you to celebrate LFG with us as Cale, Richard, Benny, and the rest ride off into the sunset… for now.