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February 24, 2015 | Sohmer

How To Order LFG #1

I’ve talked about it before, but as the release date gets closer, I’ll be talking about the LFG comic series from Dynamite more and more often.

For those not used to ordering comics, it is a pre-order system that you can do through your local comic shop or a host of online retailers.

Option 1: The Online Retailers

To pull the series, ie receive one each month, head on over to

Option 2: Your Local Comic Shop

To help guide you through these murky waters, we’ve prepared a handy guide:


You’ll need these two codes:

  • Cover A (Templeton) – FEB151260
  • Cover B (Dreisdadt) – FEB151259

As always folks, we appreciate your support in making this happen.

-Because I Can.