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October 30, 2018 | Sohmer

Hardly Working

I have to tell you, this thing where I get to be in the office and not worry about working ahead for my next trip is quite enjoyable. To add to that joy, 66% of my kids now remember who I am, more so than the guy who sneaks into the house on Sunday nights when everyone is asleep.

So what am I working on, you ask? Let’s break it down.


Doing a few final passes, and finishing the last verse on the song for the next LFG animated musical. I won’t give too much away except two small things:

  • It is not a Disney parody
  • 2 characters will be singing together


Another Kickstarter stretch goal, which gives me an excuse to dive back into an NPC tale. Pretty pleased, and hopefully we can find the budget with your help to do more of them.

This world we’ve created is stupidly large, and I want to explore it.

Volume 10

Indeed, we got the advance copies for LFG Volume 10 this week, and they look gorgeous. Should be about a month or so to get the shipment here, and we can start fulfilling rewards.

Volume 11

Lar informs me that we’ve reached enough issues to start putting together the next book. Because of course we have.

LFG Shop

With Will and Mehra leading the way, we’re revamping the LFG shop. And by revamping, I mean we’re redoing it. And by ‘we’ I mean ‘they’.


Super Secret Long Term Project I’ve Been Working On For Forever

It’s enough that you know it exists… 

-Because I Can.