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February 13, 2017 | Costello


Just gonna say this has nothing to do with LFG and everything to do with being a geek. If that’s not your cup of blue milk, you can find the top comments below.

I had a lot of thoughts when Carrie Fisher died. About our relationship with her as Star Wars fans, about our complicated relationship with George Lucas, and about Mark Hamill vs Harrison Ford. My thoughts on Carrie Fisher aren’t anything ground breaking, and I can’t ask myself “is it fair to be mad at George Lucas” without getting mad at George Lucas, but Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford? I have good thoughts.

Star Wars has always been a part of my life. When my brothers and I got babysat, my parents rented a Star Wars for us. I had a few action figures, hardly the whole collection (although I had an Orrimaarko toy that somehow got made, and also somehow wouldn’t be the only action figure I would own called “Prune Face“), but that was the extent of it. Star Wars was a thing and I enjoyed it. In the 90s, I became a Star Wars fan.  I started exploring the Expanded Universe and the metauniverse, such as tracking down Luke Skywalker’s other acting roles (ah, The Guyver and its misleading cover art). It quickly became apparent that Mark Hamill’s career was a joke. I’m not even passing judgement, there was a running gag among Star Wars fans that Harrison Ford was the coolest and Mark Hamill was a loser who had to accept voice acting roles.

But then things changed. Geeky movies became mainstream popular. The Joker became an actor’s dream role, and fans defended Hamill’s work on The Batman Animated Series as a tour-de-force. Furthermore, being a geek became the thing to be. Having a sincere passion for pop culture was cool, and the ability to articulate that passion was a talent. Enter the talented Mr Hamill.

Mark Hamill’s return to relevance was entirely due to his ability to both laugh at himself and offer clever insight into geeky endeavours (largely but not exclusively Star Wars related). Meanwhile, Harrison Ford, who always came off as annoyed with fandom and uninterested in exploring the roles that made him famous. Maybe it was Hollywood Homicide’s fault. Maybe it was zeitgeist. We valued a flippant attitude and nonchalance in the late 80s and early to mid 90s, idolizing the Harrison Fords of the world. As the millennium turned, we just wanted to like what we liked and talk about what was on our minds, like a bunch of Mark Hamills. I admit that I wished I could be a bit more Harrison Ford at one point. Now I proudly own being a Mark Hamill.

TL;DR, here are the top comments for February 6th-10th, 2017.

LFG 1059
Robert Ashman
I kinda wanna see what Richard looks like as a bull… But I’m not sure how Lar would feel about drawing bull Dicks…

Mike Fang
Hate to break it to you Cale, but you are definitely -not- a giant bull. More like a giant gazelle.

Obra D Stajic
A bull the size of a human (when standing up on two legs) can hardly be called “giant”.

Spencer McFunk Hepp
Bullful Polymorph.

NPC 26-20
Speedy Marsh
Some time ago…
“I said, ‘The townspeople will stop complaining, if we put some of them in Town HALL!!!'”
“Oh… Oops?”
“No. No… It’s okay. This works, too.””

Sariias Moor
You know what they say about using bodies to make castles, the mortar merrier.

TDA 156
Sariias Moor
What you’re actually witnessing is the opposite of a jaw dropping event. C-Span is so boring the jaw is actually reabsorbed into the body.

Garry Cylon
Bravo. Self immolation never looked so good 🙂

Sariias Moor
Sort of like a C-Section but only for the brain.

LFG 1060
Speedy Marsh
You’re right, Cale. I did make you too effeminate. This is the first time I’ve grown a third horn, in decades!

Lindsey Lichtman
I still don’t get why Dorell couldn’t change their appearance while they were outside the city and avoid the part where they pretended to be chased by Dnah. Maybe sneaking the spell ingredients out of the city would have been harder than sneaking Cale in? That’s all I can come up with, but I don’t get why that would be.

Sariias Moor
If the Bloodrage can smell the difference the best way for Cale to hide is to get Dorel’s scent all over him.

Kimon Froussios
I’m starting to think Benny has more than just Cow and Elf blood in her. I think she has Troll as well 😉

NPC 26-21
Galileo Figaro
“Gerry” is right up there with other legitimate battlecries that briefly summarize a protagonist’s reasons to fight, like Ben Affleck’s Daredevil’s “Justice!”, Sailor Moon’s “For the heart of the moon!” and Richard’s “For pony”.
Now watch as Notan brings down an entire stronghold all by himself by being the best there is at what he does -what he does not being very nice- and makes Legara’s high commander gag in awe and terror as Notan lifts over his shoulders dragons, blows soldiers to pieces with his Thu’um and demonstrates skills and abilities acquired from a very long career that, had the commander not provoked him, he wouldn’t have to witness and Notan would just forget about it.
Unfortunately, amongst the new recruits this month is Barry the Hipster.
So you can all guess that this entire crowning sequence of over-the-top badassery and awesomeness will not come to pass on-screen, as we’ll change perspective and instead watch Clada’s blossoming romance with the idea of genocide.
No, not her having an idea that involves genocide in steps 4-7, but rather the very concept of bringing entire species into premature ends.
She and a certain warlock would get along rather lovingly.

April D. Korbel
I’ve always been partial to “Spoon!”

Garry Cylon
Goodness, the soldier who had been mauled (twice) and set on fire is clean here, did they stop to freshen up for the commander? Lol

Kai Lowell
It’s been Gerry-rigged.

Until next time, whether you’re a Harrison Ford or a Mark Hamill, be excellent to each other.