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December 6, 2019 | Costello

Friday Larchive – Let Me Tell You About My Characters!

Fridays, we open the Larchives, Lar’s extensive archive of art work oddities, and share a few pieces. Sometimes there will be a theme, or a reason behind the choices. Other times there will be none.

If you play tabletop games, one of the great joys of attending game conventions is the opportunity to commission talented artists to illustrate your characters. Over the years, Lar has drawn a number of my Pathfinder characters. That number is 3. These 3:

Karkerkast, Gnome Giant Slayer

Despite being the protector of his village, Kark hates his fellow gnomes and only took the job because it lets him vent his rage on giants.

What I like about this piece is that Lar went with an LFG gnome and giant rather than Pathfinder, making Kark stand out visually and making the giant he killed more impressive.

Chorsotest Lore

On the now-classic episode 182 of Know Direction, my Pathfinder podcast, we had Mark Seifter from the Pathfinder design team on to help us create characters for Pathfinder’s second edition. He asked me and my cohost Perram to each bring a component of a character and he’d walk us through the ABCs of character creation combining our two concepts.

Perram said “An explorer,”

I said “A gnome who was one of three gnomes in a trenchcoat, but the other two gnomes died.”

Through the character creation process, we figured out he was the middle gnome, and that a trap designed to behead small and medium creatures killed the other two gnomes. He became a rogue who specialized in finding and disarming traps. He was never that sociable because he had someone else to talk for him, but he’s become even less so after all he’s been through.

After I dumped all of the above info on a bewildered Lar looking for any physical description he could glom onto for the art I was commissioning, I told him “gnome John Wick, post-dog, wearing an oversized coat that’s be cut off at the bottom.”


Again on my podcast, I talked about making a monkey-themed luchador named Monohombre for a wrestling RPG one-shot that I liked so much I was adapting him to Pathfinder.

Lar was listening to the podcast and used my description to get the creative juices flowing when he was stuck on something else. So one morning I get this awesome piece of art in my inbox:

I’ve never had an RPG character with their own logo!

And You Can Too

I am not the only one to commission Lar to illustrate their tabletop RPG characters. Expect to see some of them in a future Friday Larchive.

LFG On Your Tabletop

Looking For Group Adventures, the LFG Pathfinder RPG boxed set, is sold out, but there is other LFG tabletop merch so on sale in the Blind Ferret Shop! In addition to the award winning Looking For Group tabletop game Orphans & Ashes, and its expansion More Phun, there are LFG Adventures Miniatures.

These unpainted metal miniatures are based on iconic poses from some of the comics most memorable characters. Bonus: If you base your tabletop RPG character on LFG characters, you have thousands of panels of Lar DeSouza artwork of your character!