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July 11, 2017 | Costello

The Eyes Have It -or- The Right to Bear Arms

Since the last Richard Action Figure update, we’ve been working closely with our manufacturer on the issues we had with the last sample. These include minor colour changes (like matching the colour of the front of Richard’s neck to the back) and packaging issues (getting the hands, fork, and shovel to stay in place when Richard’s displayed in package but standing up).

We’ve dwindled the list of issues down to one persistent one. I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say it has to do with the second amendment. Shoot, that gives away that it’s regarding the bear arms, doesn’t it? Well, the bear arms aren’t just meant to be an accessory, they’re supposed to be an alternate set of arms. Unfortunately, they don’t play well with Richard’s shoulder pads. We’re working on it. It’s one of those issues that isn’t a big deal but won’t stop being a small deal.

On the plus side, we solved the other small deal that was a small deal for too long: Richard’s eyes!

The Richard The warlock action figure includes two alternate heads, three heads in all: angry, surprised, and incredulous. Up until now, the manufacturer has painted the eyes of all three heads the same size, so no matter what head you had on, Richard was giving you an angry squint. Finally, all eyes are painted to fill the appropriate space, and it makes a huge difference:

Unless something catastrophic happens to the bear arms, the next update should be the announcement that full production has begun! Trust me, I want that to be true more than any of us.

Now you know,