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September 22, 2015 | Costello

Dnah’s Up!

Normally Sohmer and Lar handle the product announcements, but last week we launched the Dnah-phabet t-shirt, the first LFG merchandise to feature Dnah. I love Dnah, so I’m grabbing the reins on this one.




Between the glorious absurdity of his design, the string of sight gags that go along with it, the warmth and wisdom of his character, and how he was there for us when Krunch passed, something about Dnah connected with me early and deeply. Since before I was put in charge of merchandise R&D, I have been pushing for more Dnah. Dnah performing the entire ASL alphabet on a t-shirt may be the first product released, but it is far from the first one pitched. Join me on a journey of all the Dnah merchandise pitches that came and went.

Dnah Hand Puppet: Dish out a faceful of high five! Who wouldn’t want to act out the best of Dnah, dispensing handfuls of wisdom, giving ignorance the finger and knowledge the thumb’s up! People need a Dnah puppet, hands down.

“Dnah Approves” T-Shirt: We’ve all been really excited about a Dnah product, with settling on which would be first being the only obstacle in the Dnah merchandizing juggernaut’s unstoppable path. A monochromatic t-shirt of everyone’s favourite anthropomorphic hand giving three thumbs up seems like the best first step.

Dnah Rock-Paper-Scissors Cheat Sheet: Who knows more about rock-paper-scissors than a hand? This visually dynamic card fits into your wallet, with interesting strategic advice and statistics from Dnah that will turn you into a winner!

Dnah Oven Mitt: Mind your hand, impulsive chef! Kindly librarian that he is, Dnah is there to educate and protect you. Slide on this glove in the shape of everyone (EVERYONE)’s favourite anthropomorphic hand and you too will be able to handle hot situations without getting burned.

Dnah Hand Mannequin: The physical form is an enticing and beautiful mystery, one artists have tried to teach and understand since the dawn of art. The most complicated parts of the body are the hand, our access to tools and what separates us from animals, and the face, that which makes us who we are and truly a window to the soul. To Dnah, they are one and the same. As such, artists can learn a great many things or twos from studying him. Plus, he is OK with nudes.

Gnipleh Dnah: Let Dnah get that item off the top shelf for you. The classic reaching toy, topped with a green clasping hand to remind the world that with Dnah’s help, nothing is out of reach.

Dnah Muscle Wire Moving Hand Kit: This, but Dnah.

Dnah Cell Phone Holder: Who do you trust with the most valuable information in your life? Dnah, nomadic librarian, keeper of secrets, obviously. A hand-shaped cell phone holder for your desk or bedside table. If we articulate the fingers, it can manage various sized cell phones and double as a Dnah action figure.

Dnah’s Fickle Approval: When oriented one way, Dnah’s giving a thumbs up! 🙂 Oriented the other way, it’s thumbs down 🙁 It can be a coaster, a magnet, a button, the possibilities are endless!

It’s probably for the best that last one was not approved, as I recently read that “thumbs up = good” is a perversion of the actual Roman gladiatorial tradition, where the thumb represented the sword, and thumbs out (in any direction) meant kill the loser, thumbs balled inside the hand meant spare him.

But lets get off our hands. It’s time for the top comments from September 11th-17th.

NPC part 16, page 13
Dragon Rider 1 – “”Does Aelloon know we already have a library back home?””
Dragon Rider 2 – “”He’s mad at them because of overdue book fees.”””

Speedy Marsh
All this for a book? Heck, a few more squadrons, and we’d be ready for iPhone release day.

LFG 913
Sapphire Crook
Long ago, he wasn’t mad, just a jerk. Before that, he was rude. And before that still, he was a doctor. A doctor professor. With a big head.
All things considered, he never was a very nice guy, so nobody noticed the subtle changes.
Until the chachas.
Until the chachas…

OH! I want to grab the little guy with the blue facial hair and put him in a cage and force feed him cookies and milk until he vomits HE’S JUST SO CUTE!!

NPC part 16, page 14
Thoughts of purse dragon right now:
Panel 2 *meh, Trevor got sick, has to cough fireballs again, how typical…*
Panel 3 *for f*cks sake Trev-… Well, never mind. Don’t panic, don’t panic, don’t panic…*

Nah, that dragon is probably just sleeping. Fire makes them sleepy.

TDA 83
Sapphire Crook
Dick should be president.
Just look at how, with grace and finesse, he bypasses a deadlocked system of bureaucracy and implements the will of the people into law.
There is no more efficient lawmaker than Dick.
Truly, it WAS that simple.
But it took a Dick to figure it out.
Dick 2kASAP

Modifying the constitution? Sounds like the first step of a Dicktatorship 🙂

Poor Nixon wasn’t able to live long enough to see this day.

LFG 914
Laser eyes got you down~? Try Clear Eyes~!

Justin Chaloupka
Panel 4 — I see you Background Smurf.

Pella’s dad aged well

dude you just gave your change to a priest and that fries your brain, no wonder he was mad when Cale was helping people
Also Elf WW1 seems to have found a peaceful agreement between Elf Germany and elf France


Remember everybody, if you want more Dnah merchandise, get your hands on the Dnah-phabet. Until next time, be excellent to each other.