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October 2, 2017 | Costello

Dick In Production and Top Comments!

After six months, five preproduction samples, dozens of revisions, and finally a production sample, Richard is approved for full production!

Sohmer and I excitedly opened the production sample together. He’s shared my enthusiasm for this project and has been extremely supportive of my views on what a Richard action figure should be (in particular my insistence that we wait until Boss Fight Studios had time in their schedule for us). As much as I am a fan of action figures and the comic this character is based on, this is a passion project for me. For Sohmer, it’s his baby. There was a moment when he looked Richard in the eye and remarked how amazing it was. I’ve developed countless products for Sohmer, most based on Richard, and I’ve never seen him react to a sample in that way.

Sohmer is a man with an orderly, impeccable office, decorated almost exclusively with high end Lego sets. He doesn’t have any pictures of his kids but he has a 2017 Lego Millennium Falcon in progress on his desk. He appreciates a good toy.

I am proud to have met his standards on this one and that much more confident that our backers -a collection of fans of the character and fans of action figures- will be equally satisfied with what we’ve put together.

If production and delivery are on schedule, we should have these in our warehouse in a few weeks and shipping will start right away. If you didn’t back the Kickstarter, you can look forward to these being added to the store in the ASAP and coming with us to every convention appearance thereafter!

For now, here are the top comments for September 18th to 29th, already in production!

LFG 1123
James Hillman
They are totally stumbling on a tounge…
A few puns, in no certain order.
This strip and characters are easily digestable.
I’m gussing the answer to the unasked question is swallow?
This too shall pass?

Leo Jansen
I have been reading this comic since it began and I think this is the first strip from Richard’s POV. This makes me wonder if Richard has different eye filters like the Predator? Or does he always see in night vision?

Exie Pendable
In bed above we’re deep asleep,
while greater love lies further deep.
This dream must end,
this world must know.
We all depend on the beast below.

TDA 188
Henning Dalinghaus
Couldn’t agree more. You have people like Sean Spicer aggressively lying to 300 million Americans. There is no reason at all to invite him to talkshows.

Minh Duong
Tiny Dick: Not that I’m asking to be immolated but… creating a scene of Meyhem is “Normal”. Us laughing at said scene is “Normal”. Therefore you are normalized……AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Bram Weinreder
OK, I won’t normalize him. How about declipping? Amplify? Change pitch or speed?
Reverb? Definitely reverb.

Dylan Micheal Phillips
Talk sweetly to Dick. Pet the Dick. Highfive the Dick. Set fire to the room.

LFG 1124
Alexandre Cauchon
Well maybe say your name instead of faking your death and making the guy believe he killed a kid for fun

John Millsaps
This comic also started out being seemingly loosely WoW-based (and now definitely isn’t), so I wouldn’t assume that the D&D manual applies either.

William Dezell
Speaking of “gag,” Someone pull on the dangly thing.

LFG 1125
Mike Fang
You ate something RICHARD gave you?!
Jeeze, be glad it wasn’t still alive, poisonous, or most likely BOTH.

Adam Bolander
When you can’t see anything, and everything tastes like chicken, probably best to just assume it’s chicken.

Yücel Flavourius
I literally had a whole chicken for myself yesterday.
The day before that it was pizza.
The day before that it was chicken again. I am not ashamed for living my life.

TDA 189
April D. Korbel
What can you do for Puerto Rico? Go there. It’s an amazing place and tourism money is always welcome. Once the immediate crisis is over, book a flight and go. You don’t even need a passport. I only wish I could have stayed longer.

Angela Robbins
I can’t deal with them either. State or not, it’s not like we’ve never given aid to other countries. They are part of the US, it’s just that simple.

Kieran Green
I thought Donald Trump WAS a fantasy character… shit… you mean he’s FOR REAL?

LFG 1126
Chris Hucklebridge
Oh Cale, you should know better than touching weird things in the dark… though I suppose you did inhale a weapon…
you are a brick short of a chocolate cake…

Will the little thing with the glowy eyes in the background have any sort of plot relevancy? It smells a bit…. checkhov-y.

Matt Waldron
I love that the eyes seem grossed out he touched the tounge-door.

Now you know,