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December 11, 2019 | Costello

Aren’t You A Little Little For A Big Dick…

When Wednesday rolls around, we look at LFG items from our warehouse and tell the story of their design and development, and then, y’know, try to sell you them. But not because capitalism; because we love them and think you will too.

When a Blind Ferret product sells out and there’s enough demand to remake it, we try not to simply go back to the manufacturer for another production run. Sometimes we swap out a little detail (like this Least I Could Do shirt that was originally plain ink on a brown shirt and was reissued with glow-in-the-dark ink on a black shirt). It gives the original product prestige and gives the new version identity.

One of our first big hits was the non sold out Lil Richard Plush. It was so popular that it launched a series of plush products. And with very plush we developed, the better we got at making plush products. That original Lil’ Richard will always hold a place in our hearts, but by the time we decided to revisit it, it was showing its age. It was time for a redesign.

As it happens, a new LFG comic had just launched that redesigned Richard in a plush friendly chibi style. Tiny Dick’s big head gave him plenty of canvas to express his dark, black soul, and his adorable little body meant you just wanted to cuddle wif dat itty bitt wahlock aw night. D’awwww. With the design already ready, Little Big Dick was born.

Little Big Dick has some features the original plush didn’t. Mainly, he has square, weighted feet meaning he can be displayed on a shelf, used to crush peanut shells, or swung like the littlest mace. And yet, he’s still soft and cuddlable. Also, you can hike up his robes to reveal spotted underwear, making him the second plush in a row we released with that… feature.

And now, he’s on sale for $10 during the Blind Ferret Shop Blowout.