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November 11, 2019 | Costello

A New Blog?

A new blog! Remember those?

As you may have heard, we’re tired of the blog sections of our sites sitting inactive, showing their age with dated posts that put the O-L-D in news. We have devised a whole plan for blogging like we’ve never blogged before!

A Blog Plan, Eh?

Every weekday will feature a new blog post, centered around a theme:

Top Comments: They’re back! OK, yes, I said the blogs would be like nothing you’ve seen before, so starting with the exact blog I used to write may sound suspect. Well, it is what it is. I curate my 10 favourite comments from the last week of comics, across multiple platforms.

Grouping For Looks: A serialized retelling of the Looking For Group saga from a mirror universe where Cale is a tyrant with a goatee and Ricard is a white mage with massive sideburns. This is the biggest experiment of the blogs on our schedule, so feedback is encouraged and will be considered, mocked for grammar, and then considered again, but seriously this time.

From the Warehouse: Backstory and trivia about a product. I developed a bunch of LFG products and I. Have. Stories.

LFG TBT: Trivia and commentary about old issues of the comic. One of my first jobs at Blind Ferret was reformatting the LFG scripts from before Sohmer used proper script formats, and it gave me fascinating insight into some early decisions that fascinated me as a fan of the comic. I have wanted to share these observations for years.

Larchive Friday: Stuff from Lar’s extensive LFG art archive.

I’ll be coordinating the content, which will be written by the mighty and powerful Jeff Moss, the colourful and wonderful Lar deSouza, and myself.

And you are..?

Oh, don’t be like the LICD fans. Y’all know me from the years I wrote Top Comments 1.0, the various LFG products I developed, and many appearances at conventions in eye shattering 3D. I’ve even written a couple of Tiny Dick (Everyday I’m Zeppelin and Lookit This). Moreover, I’m a longtime LFG fan, who started working at Blind Ferret 5 years ago after successfully pitching the (now out of print but still available as a PDF) Looking For Group Adventures RPG boxed set. Making that product and getting hired onto Blind Ferret changed my life in ways that I expect to pepper references to in future blogs.

Now You Know