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June 20, 2017 | Sohmer

10 Years in the Making

Seeing as we’re in the process of celebrating 10 years of LFG (which is absurd by the way), I decided I wanted to do something special. Something we haven’t done before, something we desperately needed.

A theme song.

That’s right, the most important part of any 80’s cartoon, the theme song.

My first thought of course was to license out some music from Great Big Sea, like I do. Specifically, the song ‘Company of Fools’ seemed to fit this lot quite nicely.

But after some soul searching (ie a talk with GBS’s agents), I realized for the same amount of coin I could create a new song, from scratch. It would be harder, far more work, but let’s be honest, I wouldn’t be the one doing it, so whatever.

My first step was research.

Duck Tales, Gummi Bears, Tale Spin, Rescue Rangers, GI Joe and of course, the grandfather of musical scores, Transformers: The Movie. Obviously, I was going for a certain style.

What I really wanted to pull off was to get that feeling of excitement that I got as a kid (adult) whenever I heard Stan Bush’s “You’ve Got the Touch”. To this day, I still stand up and hold an imaginary matrix of leadership every time I hear that song.


I wonder…

So I wrote a twitter to Stan Bush, then followed it up with an e-mail, and shortly thereafter, he agreed to not only write the song but also perform it.

Well shit.

Now that I had Stan on board, I was going to have to animate this thing, wasn’t I? I put Tiny Dick’s Briefs on hiatus and got to the business of animating…

With that, may I present the LFG theme song, written and performed by Stan Bush and created with the hard work of Nancy, Eric, Aurelie, Will, and Marc.

If you’re still humming that song, we did good.

-Because I Can.