They Call Him MISTER Random

After Thanksgiving and then Germany pre-empting the top comments, we’re back! I was planning on writing a bit about my favourite comments from our German fans at the booth, but then I came across a trend in the early October comments that I had to point out; Mr. Random killed it.

If you’re Mr. Random, well done, man. You have three of the top comments this time around (tied only with Memnar [well done, Memnar]), but you could have had six or seven. It got to the point that I was annoyed seeing your name next to a clever comment. I’m looking for some variety, Mr. Random. Actually, it wasn’t just your clever comments. I would have included your reply to Gandalf’s Tailor on NPC 24, page 02 because I thought it showed intuition and attention to detail, but you already had a comment for that page. Seriously, Mr. Random, two top comment worthy comments on one page? Learn to share, man.

If you aren’t Mr. Random, time to up your game. This time next week, I was variety to the top comments.

Without further ado, here are the top comments for October 3rd to October 14th, 2016.

LFG 1023
Can we please all just stop talking about the serious war stuff and collectively “daaaaw” over Tim getting a chicken kiss back there?

“You see, when the Princess came in, the Bloodrage thought “The Princess” was Richard’s way of announcing Cale had returned and immediately left to join him, but then were committed to serving the Princess once they arrived.. I’m sure you can understand.” *camera pans to Cale brushing his hair*
“What?!? I need 100 brushes before bed or it tangles!!”

Dnah: No they got sidetracked by a bunch of ferrets and left, you undeads have focus issues
Richard: Hey Cale, check it out I’m juggling gnomes

NPC 24-02
Mr. Random
Kyle does bring up some good points though.

Those two are really flaming.

Minh Duong
You say it best…..when you say nothing at all.

TDA 138
Tiny Dick vs Tiny Hands…

Speedy Marsh
I knew Clinton had health issues, but I never pegged her as undead.

Do not speak as if you know of such things! Barbarians are illiterate not out of choice, but necessity. Written language to the Shoanti tribes is an abomination and vilest of taboos because they know the danger it poses.
Legends lost to the ages warn of the Great Sundering, when all of existence was almost unmade. These dark times were set into motion by the follies of idiot god Azathoth who sought to teach the early tribes how to read and write.
He was successful in his endeavor and they begin creating words of destruction. What became known as “”Rage Mages”” learned to simply speak destruction into existence by quite literally sundering the words of creation that formed the material plane.
Eventually, books were ascribed that when read aloud gave the wielder the ability to destroy entire nations. As a result war erupted among the tribes as they sought to attain these tomes of obliteration. A collection begain to assemble and became known as the library of the void.
It’s keeper, Librarian Barbarian, selflessly or maybe even accidentally turned the words of destruction against themselves. This created a true oblivion that destroyed this library as well as almost all traces of its influence on the world, thus restoring order to the realms. Azathoth was permanently scarred by this event and ultimately led to what the Mad God has now become.
-Dreams of a Spoony Bard-

LFG 1024
Mr. Random
It’s rude to kill people while they’re telling a story, Cale.

Minh Duong
I found Waldo’s less colourful, criminal mime cousin!

Sapphire Crook
Everything was totally OK.
Until some douche kicked a hornet’s nest.
Surprisingly, it wasn’t the evil sadist wizard.

NPC 24-03
Kai Kohaku
A vicious sigh-cle.

I bet goblins were the first to post vague attention-seeking statements on social media sites, and when asked about it respond with ‘I don’t really want to talk about it’.

Gandalf’s Tailor
But anyway, I just gotta say… leave it to a race that doesn’t care about other races enough not to eat them to give exactly as much of a fuck about their own kind as well. No wonder Cale didn’t want to stay for drinks if the other goblins were like this.
“Um, hey! I’m kind of tied up and covered in bacon over here!”
“So? What do you want ME to do about it?”

LFG 1025
*Pictures these magical beams visiting 20 something gravestones before arriving at their target.

I had a whole slew of comments, but they all flew away.

That guy in the back in panel one looks like he is just finding out all this as well. Like he is all: “Huh, so that is how this all started. I was just here for the Rebel’s good benefit plan.”

NPC 24-04
A rat with eyes that big is never innocent. He’s seen too much.

Man, he does such a good impression of that rat. He even got the “without whiskers” part down pat. He also seems to be the only goblin in this NPC so far with a big nose. Like seriously, all the other goblin’s noses are the same small size and his is like four times bigger. I think he must be the rat.

He just needs to burry the hatchet and move on.

TDA 139
Morlocks TD, you mean Morlocks…. Plenty of meat on those surface dwellers :p

Kai Kohaku
Something to mole over.

Jason Reeves
CHUD: Origins

David Young
This in reference to the current hurricane and how global warming is only making weather issues worse, or our current presidential race?
Or both?
My money’s on both

LFG 1026
Cale: Why did you throw away my round table
Dnah: How can you see this when I’m telling it to you
Cale: your hand makes shadowplays when you narrate

She was in the middle of a meeting! The secretary should have stopped it at the door and asked if it had an appointment! Fire that secretary!

Mr. Random
So based on every mage we’ve seen. Magic just makes you go f-ing nuts. Doesn’t it?

NPC 24-05
First I thought the panel design is a bit weird.
Now I see that the artist designed it after the Book of Innocence itself.
Well played.

It looks like his job is to clean giant dishware, all that manual labor paid off. The other one just cooks.

Ivan Tan
They have 3 fingers… so whenever they point, they’re basically flipping that guy off.
For anyone disappointed that the top comments from Essen didn’t make it, there is one story I will tell. Lar was looking for ideas to draw, so I suggested Princess Leia in a lei doing a lay-up. When Lar was almost done penciling the sketch, a fan pointed out that she was doing dunking the ball (overhand), not laying it up (underhand). Lar thanked the fan, because that’s the kind of detail that will immediately get noticed once it gets posted, and started correcting the mistake.
I don’t know if it was guilt, or genuine preference, but the fan kept insisting that Lar doesn’t need to change the art, that a dunk is better than a lay-up.
Lar explained that the gag is that it’s Leia in a lei laying-up. Then I explained that the gag is that it’s Leia in a lei laying-up. Then his two friends, both German first language, explained that the gag is that it’s Leia in a lei laying-up. Then we took turns repeating this. Every time, he kept repeating that it’s OK the way it is, because a dunk is better.
The next day, one of his friends was back at our booth. She explained that eventually, he understood why a drawing of Leia in a lei laying-up is better than Leia in a lei dunking. Too late, dear fan. You already cemented yourself as our most confusing/adorable fan interaction of the weekend.

Here’s the final art, by the way:


Until next time, als ausgezeichnet miteinander everyone.

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