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Con Report: Edmonton Expo

Hello friends!

Moss here, back from the windy, pollen-filled streets of Edmonton, Alberta and almost not jet-lagged to boot! Almost…

Anyways, this past weekend, Sohmer, Lar, Will and myself ventured west to visit with the fine folks at the Edmonton Comic and Entertainment Expo! It’s always fun visiting the more westernly half of this country and this trip was no exception!

The show started off great with the return of some old friends! If these don’t look familiar to you, those are original printings of LFG Vol.1, 2 and 3. It’s been years since I’ve seen those!

LFG 1-3, in their original form!

As we do, we instantly made friends with the Northern Alberta Lego Users Group who not only let Lego Richard ride an AT-AT, they came up with a custom diorama for him!

Sohmer vs Lego Richard

Occasionally, people bring Sohmer and Lar presents. With Sohmer, it’s usually Cadbury Eggs or even a well-intentioned Red bull. But Lar’s gifts tend to be more… interactive.

Sohmer, Lar & Friend

And finally, when we we in Calgary earlier this year, a 5-year old fangirl named Emily was nice enough to give us a drawing she made of Richard. Now 6, we got to meet Emily in Edmonton and she brought us some more awesome art! Both of her drawings will live for eternity in the office, on the fridge where everyone can see them! Thanks Emily!!

Emily's Works of Art

And thank you, Edmonton! Our next trip is a big one as we head to Essen Spiel in (of all places) GERMANY!!

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