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Giant Sized Top Comments for May 1st to May 14th

We didn’t want to bog down the blog last week and bury the big Dick Craft 2015 announcement, (heh, big Dick. Heh, announcement) so we’ve bundled all your comments into a single post so massive, I only have space to remind you that aspiring Dick Crafters have until Sunday, May 31st, 2015 at 11:59 pm Eastern to get their Dick pics to Onto your comments!

The Top Comments from May 1st to May 14th 

 NPC part 14, page 2
Looks like there’s a kraken the space time continuum.

Should this story arc be in Japanese?

Lily Kusatsu
There’s a sucker born every minute. And most of them are on his tentacles.

LFG 875
Speedy Marsh
Don’t trip on those rocks, Cale! You could Krakatoa!

Douglas Pittman
He is finally using his “Mistress of Magma” title’s abilities ;)

Mr. Random
Well. It says something about your life when you can tell what lava smells like.

When Richard plays the “floor is lava”, imagination isn’t enough!

NPC part 14, page 3
Justin Eiler
You know, I’ve had days like that. And jobs like that. But I’ve never had judicial robes like that. I now see what I was missing.

TDA 64
I’m surprised Ultron didn’t get carded, considering his Age.

Adam Caughey
Little mechanical dicks hmmm pretty sure there are stores for that

For Pony
Hey, at least Dick’s guaranteed a ‘no strings attached’ relationship with Ultron.

LFG 876
Benny is pretty awesome. She’s a bit too grumpy, sure, but I can overlook that when she’s just such a badass. She’s still a support character, literally class-wise, and as far as the story, but she supports Cale by knocking him down a few pegs every once in a while and reminding him of what a dumbass he can be sometimes. Good stuff. Just because you’re a “healer” doesn’t mean you have to be nice about it, and just because you love someone doesn’t mean you can’t let them know to stop being such an idiot.

Dark Lord Looshkin
You mean’t “falling in lava with them,” right?

Bill McNutt
There’s a really great scene in one of Edding’s books. I forget exactly which one. But a goddess steps off of a cliff into mid-air to run an errand. Her aspect is that of a little girl. One of the men she’s with jumps off the cliff to save her from falling and she has to rescue him, not unlike Benny had to save Cale, above. There’s a conversation not unlike the one above, but instead of sitting there like a lump, the Cale-analogue says something along the lines of: “It’s not going to work that way. When I see you in danger, my feet start moving. I’m going to try my best to put myself in between you and harms way. If you don’t want that to happen, stop doing dangerous things where I can see you.”

NPC part 14, page 4
Oh, I’d disagree concerning kinds of paper all being the same. If you’re eating news stock or mass market paperbacks, why, you’ve been ingesting the Taco Bell of paper.

Speedy Marsh
Moderator Note: Speedy’s post was too long to repost, but too brilliant not to acknowledge. I encourage everyone to experience it for themselves.

All this time I’ve been studying wrong.

LFG 877
and thus ended the lfg king of the mountain contest.

That’s an “Obelix-throwing-hinkelstone” joke, you uncivilized nitwits! ;)

Heh, Dick just passed a stone…

NPC part 14, page 5
Guyver  Libokun
What so now all frog looking things are Kermit? That’s RACIST! errr.. SPECIST! …MUPPIST?!?

The final scroll? A looping video of Rick Astley. Greatest cosmic joke ever.

Wow, REALLY don’t drop the soap.

TDA 65
Richard is just crazy here, you don’t behead them that is wasteful. The cast of the canceled shows go onto the only reality tv show we would allow. The Arena. Where they must act, and act well or be throw into the sands to do battle with convicts who get their sentences halved for every kill they make. Those actors that survive go on to be better actors, and get full rights to their canceled shows so they can redo them whenever they want to risk it.

The cast and crew? Why not put the blame where it belongs, the writers and producers…..

There’d never have been a Serenity movie then. Therefore, your argument is invalid.

LFG 878
Without Eenie, the meenie army will miney the resources and the village will have mo problems.

Necris Omega
In our world Murphy is just a very pessimistic Aerospace Engineer. Here? He is God, and all creation bows before his law.

Is it just me, or has Eeny’s back mountains gotten bigger? He’s starting to look like Dolly Parton with his head the wrong way :)

After all of what just happened, I kind of feel sorry for the giant.


Be excellent to each other!

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