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Black Friday In The Shop!

Here we go, friends! Once you stuff your face with all the turkey and pumpkin pie you can handle, we’ve put together a selection of delicious deals in our Shop. That’s right, it’s time for that annual orgy of consumerism known as:


And that’s just the start! Check out all the details right here:

  • We’ve got “Omnibus Pricing” on LFG Vol.4,5 & 6. That’s right, you can get these three volumes for only $40!
  • Want to get in on the beginning of all the LFG comics? How about an LFG Starter Bundle (LFG Omnibus, NPC V1 & Tiny Dick V1) for only $45?
  • Remember our Bag O’Dicks Bundle (Richard Plush, Squishable, Hat, Minifig, & Keychain)? We’re giving an even bigger discount on that one and you can get it all for only $50!
  • The LFG Adventures RPG Box Set comes with a FREE extra adventure!
  • Also, as mentioned above, All Shirts are $10 and every order gets a FREE LFG Family Sticker set!
  • Plus, there are other Liquidation items scattered throughout the store! Poke around and see what you can find!

All the sales will go into effect at 12:01am on Black Friday, Nov 27th and end at 11:59pm on Cyber Monday, Nov 30th.

So get ready, get set and get it while the getting is good, everyone!



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