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Hey, remember last time I teased progress on an upcoming project that I was excited about but couldn’t go into details? That project has progressed more! I am more excited about it! It’s more upcoming! Less upcoming? It’s closer to comin– er, arriving than it was before. And I can go into detail about it! Detail, singular. The one detail I can go into is its launch date:

March 13th.

That’s it, I’m afraid. The only other thing I can give you is an apology, and it’s a sincere one. I am so sorry I can’t tell you more. I’ve been working on this project as long as I’ve been in charge of developing merchandise. Now that my role at Blind Ferret is changing, it might be one of the last projects I develop too. Well I’m not going to sit here getting all mushy when literally no one outside the company will know what I’m talking about, but I will say that this is a project that needed to be done exactly right.

Some projects come together quickly (the record holder being Cale’s Athletic Garment, a product that wasn’t technically pitched before getting approved and was based on a design Lar had lying around). This upcoming project needed collaboration with a specific partner that was quite backlogged. It took a few years and a chance meeting in England to get it going, and it was worth the wait.

I know, I’m saying so much and telling you nothing. If you want to know more (you do!) check the blog often as we get closer to March 13th. For now, here are the top comments for February 13th to 24th, 2017!

LFG 1061
Galileo Figaro
Stronger than one, stronger than ten, stronger than a hundr- Oh, nope, scratch that. Not stronger than one.
Carry on.

Jennifer Richardson
His scrawny little stick legs make me laugh, though. Then again, most of the Bloodrage look like they regularly skip leg day.

Xavia Carbine
“You’re a light skinned elf, things must have been rough for you”
Uh, yeah, they were. Elves were portrayed as evil, vile creatures that are less acceptable than Richard in an orphanage, plus he looks like a pansy, so literally EVERYONE disrespects him at first (like you did) and only a few respect him after a while.
Hell, even the plot of the story treats him like shit.
You, benny, were only mistreated around the bloodrage (and the sisters, if you met them again before the main story took place). Once you left and did things on your own, you weren’t really looked down upon all that often. You even got engaged to a prince of a crime syndicate.”

Sariias Moor
You can bring an elf to lava, but you can’t make him jump in. You have to shove him. Which is easy, because they’re usually standing there confused wondering why there’s lava.

NPC 26-22
Speedy Marsh
They’re getting along so well. They’ve already started playing Tooth or Consequences.

Tue Elung-Jensen
Elf … right. Never did see him as an elf due to his … large bones.

Minh Duong
And they said practicing ballet had no military application. The pirouette really added speed to that left hook.

TDA 157
Garry Cylon
Kim jong un produces uranium, for his rather basic atomic bombs.. Uranium naturally depletes into lead, but refining it, say by a Mad Scientist Leader (A nod at Girl Genius) will result in depleted uranium/lead… Fisher Price has recently recalled some products from (Over there) for “Lead” paint content….
Enough prequel…
TD is jealous because he didn’t think of it first :p

Kai Lowell
Aw, it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen a My First Nuke!

Alexandre Cauchon
Last contractor kept nerfing the nukes, those Geeks Think like it’s a video game.

LFG 1062
Speedy Marsh
“Look at his huge, shiny glass!”
“I know, right? It looks like he was arrested and sent to prism!”
“I always kind’a loved Richard, but not so much that I thought the sun shone out his @$$.”
“Well, how were you to know? It’s not like you could’a gazed into his crystal ba—”

Charles Smith Jr.
You think a little thing like being turned into a crystal statue is going to slow down Richard?
OK, maybe a bit, but I bet he positioned himself in such a way that sunlight shone through him is refocused on random spots, fawooshing them at random!

John Daly
I want you to know that the Tiny Dick Adventures thing saying “Have you seen my briefs” also seems to go with this LFG comic rather nicely.

Adam Carranco
You know, in final fantasy tactics, the most reliable way of getting rid of undead was to petriify them. Im impressed.

NPC 26-23
Sariias Moor
Maybe if you shed that rat vest you could slide out of the amply spaced bars? There aren’t even horizontal stringers on that cage, whoever smithed it together was an amatuer.

John Daly
Well, that’s either a weird bird cage or a gibbet, and, given the width of the bars, I’m thinking gibbet. Said devices are high enough up that a “jumper” would break a number of bones landing on the stone paving below. After which the guards will dust you off, take you to the nice infirmary, NAH THEY JUST PUT YOU BACK IN THE GIBBET, Maybe break a few more bones so ya learn. Think of it as a public execution by dehydration. Good times!

David Eberhard
When your really know your friends and their habits

LFG 1063
Greg Boyd
Hah! I knew it. Richard wasn’t pointing at his butt, he was pointing at something else… the kid.

Joy Trujillo
Ok that makes sense. Richard saw the fountain of severed heads and thought “playground”. Perfect place to leave Charles while he went to work climbing a tower & facing off against a dangerous bull & insane princess. He’s just such a responsible parent.

Alexandre Cauchon
After the day is saved
– Are we coming back for the warlock?
– I don’t know, I tought I would miss being set on fire and called effeminate by a guy dressed like a doll but I’m doing ok

Yücel Flavourius
Apparently in this world you don’t get traumatized at all as a kid, while hiding amongst rotten flesh and skulls.

NPC 26-24
Alexandre Cauchon
Damn you magic and your convenience, always giving villain weird sealing magic while giving the heroes the magic of friensdhip and shit

Brendon Leenheer
Just going to let him climb all the way up and let himself get zapped and thrown off… not a big deal. He’s my bud, he’ll be fine.

Sariias Moor
Oh and anyone who walks through that door gets cancer now. I guess I probably should have shouted that as I saw you guys approaching from outside.

David Eberhard
Things to not forget to mention
1. That you left the stove on
2. You have a small rash
3. There is magic that will stop you from freeing me.”

TDA 158
Dakota Spitzer
That’s a nice fabric given the raw material. I wonder who made it

Alexandre Cauchon
Yes but you must assume that nazis punch back.
Like world war 2 would have been way easier if nazis weren’t good at punching stuff

Russel Jones
Richard’s face tells you everything he thinks about that question. Even a mass murdering warlock dislikes Nazis. Fwosh the Nazi Richard!

Speedy Marsh
Nice patchwork upholstery, TD. I’m guessing you’re sitting on the swastika tattoos.
(Those chairs are actually quite monotonous, since they only come in one color)

LFG 1064
Minh Duong
How? don’t all humans look alike to you elves?

Sean Dobromir
I love how he’s pointing at the reader though

Dennis Fibæk Kramer
All bloodrage look alike to me -Random guard

Jericho Ware
He’s licking his lips…Kinky?

NPC 26-25
Erat Ic Randomlie
Why don’t they just do what Richard and the group did and keep cutting off his body parts and reattatching them outside the cage until he’s free?

Oxyones Selene
Aw, and thus it ends yet again. I look forward to the next installment.
I always prefer the NPC stories that are slightly more connected to the main plot.

Marietta McCoy
I can’t believe how well he’s handling this. He’s suspended in a magic bird cage, and is missing out on what may be a terrific battle. This is the Ultimate Blitz.


Thanks everyone! Feel free to speculate in the comments below about what’s coming March 13th. I for one can’t wait.

Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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