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September 18, 2017 | Costello

Top Comments and Best Con Sketches

Every convention we attend, the lovely and talented Lar deSouza takes commissions from LFG’s legion of fans, creating original art tailored to their hearts and minds. You already know that Lar is a creative genius. What you might not know is that Lar keeps copies of his commissions in Blind Ferret’s private Lar Art Archives (lovingly known as the Larchives).

It’s interesting to see how Lar delivers fans’ visions. Below we have a selection of my favourite sketches from 2012.

Obviously the person who commissioned this piece knew that no one does birthdays like Richard. I suspect they looked a lot like the flesh balloon there.

Richard blowing up a gnome’s head and then mimicking the dead gnome was a classic LFG moment. It’s no surprise that it resonated with the fan who commissioned this piece. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Richard took the act to Vaudeville! Vaudeville’s a city, right?

The Ghostbusters targeting Richard makes sense given how loosely The Real Ghostbusters animated series defined “ghost”. Richard getting the best of a Ghostbuster using an old Looney Tunes trick is inspired. And what a quip!

Maybe this is formal Richard. Maybe this is Richard’s billionaire playboy alter ego, Dick Wayne. I just love the full stop of traditional Richard design before the three-piece suit begins. A tie in place of his gem is the only overlapping element.

I like this Gundick for the opposite reasons I like Three-Piece Dick. All of the familiar Richard elements are there, but they’ve been converted. The hip wedges instead of a tunic flare. Cannon fire instead of fwoosh. Radial antenna scars. The longer I look at it, the more I see.

If you’d to commission Lar, remember to check the appearances listing on the front page to see if we’ll be in your area soon. If you commissioned any of the above sketches, I invite you let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Speaking of comments, here are the top comments for September 4th to 15th, 2017!

LFG 1119
Speedy Marsh
One of the few fundamental laws of the universe, that even Richard refuses to violate:
You don’t make pancakes out of kale… no matter how it’s spelled.

Maire Phelan
Come to think of it, whatever did happen to that cool cape that Cale used to have and that Richard planned on stealing?

Eruanion Nolaquen
The fall collection, from TDA, “Humanskin cloaks” flip up the masked hood and become a totally diferent person! Only available at these fine retailers….

TDA 186
Rea Manderino
Check out bedbug and dragonfly mating habits sometime. Damselfly nymph mouthparts. Spider wasp hunting. Carnivorous caterpillars. Vampire moths. Bot and other parasitic flies that insert first instar maggots into hosts. Maggot mouthparts in general. There are some crazy nightmarish stuff out there that floating rafts of fire ants can’t touch. Trust me, I’m an entomologist.

Jonathan Walker
Long ago the Four Nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Ants attacked.

Adrian Meredith
Nothing, that’s what happens, nothing. You can’t drown a fire ant colony. It just floats around and gets even angrier and more likely to start killing people.

Minh Duong
Plants and Fungi take decomposing biological material and sunlight to sustain themselves.
Herbivores are eaten by Carnivores and other predators.
Top predators die and are decomposed by bacterium, thus becoming foodstuff for plants and fungi.
That was the circle of life until the arrival of the undead like Tiny Dick.
Good to know that the fire ants can restore the Circle of Life.

LFG 1120
Maire Phelan
Spooky Cave Review: Great spot for tanning that skin, but the service is practically non-existant. Also, no fruity umbrella drinks at all. 1/10

Nathaniel Hayden
Thats why the DM makes the obvious trap the only safe passage.

Kai Lowell
To be fair, I’d rather lounge around outside the spooky cave too. No good comes of spooky spelunking. (Spooklunking, if you will.)

Galileo Figaro
Pages like this make me wonder how many travellers have found themselves exploring the geobiochemical wonders of giants’ digestive systems and which end had the most “”researchers””…
I assume the lower one…
Less active teeth…

LFG 1121
Garry Cylon
Looks like poop to me… I mean, Richard can’t be wrong all the time, and who ( other than possibly Cale ) could slip on their head, not their ass, front or face?

Robert Dean Moore Jr.
Dishonor! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your family! Dishonor on your cow!

Janine Susan Lathrop Velasquez
shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame, shame….

TDA 187
Frederick William McDonnell
I am not a denier, I am a sceptic. I have for years called for an experiment where climate scientist raise the temperature a predicted amount then lower it back to an also predicted amount. That is called the scientific method.

Garry Cylon
If all the politicians in America faced into the breeze and gave a speech, that much hot air should counter any cold air hurricane, deniers or not. The only problem would be to get them to stop…..

Tove Grönvik Hende
Considering that denying climate change – especially high-profile people denying climate change – delays preventative measures, yes. Yes they do. Indirectly, maybe, but they certainly do.

LFG 1122
Rick Bagnall
Don’t forget to mention his wife and kids back home…

Kimon Froussios
Benny looks hypnotized… The darkness is calling to them, taking control of them. Well, Cale is just being Cale.

Jonny Torres
…if I don’t say it now, I never will. Dragon guy looks like Red Eyes Black Dragon there in panel 5. His red glowing eyes just really are an amazing detail…makes me wonder if he can see in the dark without a torch meaning they should have let HIM go first?

Alexandre Cauchon
There is a hole in the world look like a big black pit
and it’s filed with people covered in shit
though they’ll say it’s mud


Now you know,