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September 7, 2018 | Sohmer

A Question For The Court

To the court? For the court? Whatevers. I gots a question for yous guys.

As you’ve no doubt noticed by my radio silence of late, we are in the thick of things at LFG HQ. We’ve got a dozen projects on the go, some you know about, a great deal you don’t. Regardless, the point is we’ve been busy.

One of the things we just wrapped up, was LFG Volume 10. It’s gone to print, and we expect to have it back in our hands in a couple of months. We’re also working on a dust jacket for the Omnibus, so that it will match the single volumes (something you folks have long asked for).

Now, I had a thought, but before acting on it, I wanted to get the general feedback from the mob.

Our IT folks have been working on a new shop for LFG, and unfortunately, won’t be ready for a time. That said, my idea was to put LFG 10 up on pre-order on Kickstarter, instead of on our site. Same process as usual, you’d have the books within 2 months, we’d just be using Kickstarter as the mode of purchasing.

So, for folks who were planning on picking up the book, I ask you-

Are you okay with us doing the pre-sale on Kickstarter? And if not, can you tell me why.

I’ll be in the comments below to check responses and gauge opinions before moving forward.

Thanks for the conversation, kids.

-Because I Can.