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November 13, 2019 | Costello

♫ We Built These Minis! ♩

When Wednesday rolls around, we look at LFG items from our warehouse and tell the story of their design and development, and then, y’know, try to sell you them. But not because capitalism; because we love them and think you will too.

We’re a playful bunch at Blind Ferret, so you shouldn’t be surprised that a lot of the product we developed was full of play potential. Our most famous example is 2017’s Richard The Warlock action figure, which I’ve talked a lot about in the past, particularly for the awesome Kickstarter (not that I mind. If you haven’t picked one up yourself, I highly recommend it as a centerpiece in any LFG collection or as a talk piece alongside other 1:18 scale action figures). Today I want to focus on our more resent LFG toy offerings, the deluxe minifigs of Richard, Cale, and Benny.

As you may know, Sohmer feels strongly about Lego. Master Builder collector sets line the shelves of his sparse, minimalist office. Our conference room table is a massive sheet of Lego under custom ordered glass, peppered with the names of Blind Ferret’s staff at the time it was built. When he found out he was going to tour the Lego factory, he could not shut up about it. Like, we’re all happy for him, but we’re trying to work here, sir. So it should come as no surprise that we’ve dipped our toes in the building block pool before (a metaphor that is causing me foot pain as I type it).

The current crop of LFG minifigs isn’t our first foray into LFG building block products. That would be the classic and unfortunately sold out LFG Dick Blox, a product so before my time here I don’t even own one. I also wasn’t the one who created either the first version of the Richard minifig or the next wave of minifigs, including the second version of Richard (with bloosh and improved fwoosh), Cale, and Benny. However, I did work on some development of the later figures.

Below are some pictures of the process of developing a minifig. It’s more involved than you might think, especially when balancing a target cost and desired quality.

Cale in his original but less iconic look.
Deciding on Cale’s face
Benny with some skipped paint apps in order to lower costs.
An army of unarmed Richards is still deadlier than the entire Legion.
A proposed bar fight set, based on LFG pages 4-9.
It was decided the locale wasn’t iconic or distinct enough to warrant a set of this cost

Speaking of cost, a storewide sale in the Blind Ferret Shop is starting soon. You will have an opportunity to get your hands on these products at previously unheard-of prices. If the above pictures or the pictures of the minifigs in action we’ll be sharing with the blog over the next week whet your pallet for building blocks (sorry for all the painful metaphors, I am not doing this on purpose), keep an eye out for the big sale announcement.

Now you know,