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November 4, 2013 | Sohmer

Your Mind to My Mind

The past few days have been a flurry of activity at the Blind Ferret HQ, mostly centered around the dark pit I affectionately refer to as ‘my office’.

Since I post about the potential LFG series, I’ve spent my days pouring through thousands of e-mails, hundreds of Facebook messages and dozens of comments here on the site.

I’ve responded where I felt it was necessary and time allowed, but please know that I read every single word you folks sent my way. I greatly appreciate the time you took to let me know your thoughts.

Overall, the response to the idea of an LFG animated series was about 98% positive.

The main trepidation I saw, was the concern that money given for the purpose of the film, should not be re-purposed without approval. And that, I agree with.

To be clear though, and clear up any misconceptions some folks have, we have never, EVER, asked or taken money for the purpose of funding an LFG movie. The only money that has been put into development of the film has been our own, no one else’s.

To date, LFG has done 1 Successful Kickstarter, and that was to fund the completion of This is War. I did state that any additional funds would be used towards the movie. That ended up being about 38k, which you can see that breakdown here.

So for that, you folks are right, and I will be asking the LFG: TiW Kickstarter backers whether they would like that 38k to be used on the series, or whether they want that coin to remain in the bank, to be used on the film when possible.

Aside from that, we are going to go forward and try to finance the pilot of an LFG animated series.

The Kickstarter could launch as early as this week, or next. Check this space for more info.

Again though, thanks to everyone for their feedback on this, and for your continued support. We get to make this comic because of you, and all we want to do, all we’ve ever wanted to do, is create more content based on this wacky world we call LFG.

-Because I Can.