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March 3, 2014 | Sohmer

Your BFE 2014 Team

Been a rather busy time around here of late, so much so that I’ve neglected to introduce you folks to some of the people we’ve added to the Blind Ferret team.

On the LFG-specific side:

 Hawk, or ‘The Batman’ as he prefers to be called, is the artist on NPC. Hawk does both the pencils and inks before passing it on to Ed. When he’s not drawing or skyping me cool shite that I need to buy, Hawk does it all over at QMX Designs.

 Ryan Dunlavey, is the talented cartoonist I conned to join me on TDA. Ryan handles the pencils, inks and colors. I think it’s because he doesn’t like Ed.

And here in our beautiful downtown Montreal office:

 Aurelie, who joined us the most recently, is forced to sit close to my office and draw all day. Yes indeed, Aurelie is a talented illustrator who’ll be working with me on merchandise, promotional materials and will slowly replace Lar (not really)

Costello, who may or may not have a first name, is our new administrative assistant who constantly refuses to disobey my wife and get me Red Bull.

 Josh, whose laugh makes me want to slap myself with a beaver does something when he’s not whistling. I think it has something to do with pornography, which explains the cameras in the washrooms.

And Jordan, who’s been here for over a year and I keep forgetting about, is an advertising account manager. Or something or whatever.

There you have it, I hope they appreciate how awesome a boss I am.

-Because I Can.