Whatchu Toykin’ About?

The Looking For Group fanbase is an eclectic group with varying needs and points of view, but for the purpose of this blog, they can be summed up as either Plot Seekers or Gag Baggers.

Plot Seekers loved the world of LFG, the moral debates, Cale’s struggle with the agents controlling his destiny, and speculating on any new hints at Richard’s origin. They are the ones who say “where’s the plot?” in the jokier pages.

Gag Baggers love Richard’s wacky antics, Benny’s sarcastic one-liners, Cale’s constant misfortune. They are the ones who say things like “what is going on?” or, as ReaverZ put it on page 120, “who the f is Toyk?”

I love both categories equally, but I am more of a Plot Seeker. I know this world extremely well, love seeing it evolve and watching old set-ups pay off. I’ve read through the entire comic multiple times, even before I started working at Blind Ferret. So for the benefit of the Gag Baggers, here the f is Toyk.

We first met Cheif Engineer Toyk on page 19. He was reprimanding the group for choosing his home, Mechastone, as their escape route from Aeloon’s Legion. More importantly, he was upset they killed 126 gnome soldiers. But he was willing to forgive them if they agreed to serve in his defense force. Because even Toyk knew that gnomes were the most expendable race in the world.

He has regularly shown up as the representative of the gnome faction in Kethenecian matters, having abandoned Mechagnome for the new continent after Pella manipulated events, unbeknownst to him.

Toyk is one of only two named gnomes (along with Fitch, who also died), so if he has a successor, we don’t know it yet. Styx is in charge of that unit, but he might just be the military leader. The political ramifications of Toyk’s death are extremely intriguing. To us Plot Seekers, anyway. For the Gag Baggers, that’s another dead gnome. Ha! Gnomes. Always dying.

On that cheerful note, let’s see what you Plot Seekers and Gag Baggers had to say in the top comments from September 19th to the 23rd.

LFG 1019
You know, with all the abuse, both from his adversaries & his “friends”, that Cale has suffered, I’m honestly surprised he hasn’t had a psychotic break (or whatever the proper term for such a thing is), just went “the heck with this crap” & turned this comic into “Cale’Anon Kills the LFG Universe”.


I can’t help but think those gnomes would be more effective if they were on fire.


Show them gnome mercy!

NPC 23-08
Then the fog took over again and I found myself somewhere strange as I stood over the body of my fallen comrade. I was wearing some sort of new armor, my eyes covered by a sheet of what seemed to be glass. Instead of a knife, I was wielding some kind of two bladed dagger that seemed to be made of pure energy. He was wearing armor similar to mine, his sword also having turned into one of these… energy blades.
Suddenly I found myself feeling the incredible urge to crouch as low as I could, then stand up quickly and repeat the process, like dipping a bag of tea in hot water. So I did. But something still wasn’t right. I took two steps forward so that I was standing above his face, and did it again. Then I felt as if everything was right in the world. I think I’ll do this in every battle from now on. I shall call it ‘Tea Dipping’.


Now is he upset that he killed a friend or that he killed a friend outside of his schedule? Would he be upset if he killed the guy between sewing class and tea?

Ivory Bill

What is it with elves and neck wounds?

TDA 136
Kai Kohaku
Dick loves…no, no. I just can’t say it.
Wait. Yes I can.
Dick loves the pussy.


Dick, Schrodinger is looking for his cat.


It’s been super sucky. David Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, Gene Wilder, Muhammad Ali…
It’s been like George R R Martin is writing the script for 2016

LFG 1020
Speedy Marsh
There’s no race like Gnome. There’s no race like Gnome. There’s no race like Gnome.


Richard might not always stand by his companions but he’ll gladly stand ON them. Or at least on Cale.

Matthew Kahne

Yeah, that’s what the WoW community usually says. Seriously, we like to pretend gnomes don’t exist.

NPC 23-09
Raphael Silva
Badass + 200, Intelligence – 50

Kenneth Meadows
how did he live to SEE that through?

“Pal, you’re out of your mind”
“What’re you talkin’ about?”
“You stabbed yourself!”
“It seemed like a good idea at the time.”

He was still mostly under control, the butterfly probably told him to kill himself and he found a loophole
Until next time, be excellent to each other,

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