Top Comments for March 6-17

With the Richard Kickstarter done, I’m not sure what to talk about in the blog this week… Does anything else need to be said? Can anything else be said?

Apparently there can be as we have three weeks of Top Comments to catch up on, and the comment sections have been chatty lately. This week I’ll cover a couple of weeks and hopefully next week I’ll be able to catch up completely.

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And now, the Top Comments for March 6th to March 17th, 2017.

LFG 1067
Jazmyn Concolor
Thus Meat is not murder unless you are eating a dead human you killed….

Rob Hatch
Love how he’s just sick of the same old trope over and over. Like, “Bruh… You’re really going to pull the meeting in the dark torture chamber when the door slams shut followed by a monologue from the shadows thing again? Really? How original… What’s next? a cage falling from the ceiling trapping us? A rope snare leading to being lowered over a pit of alligators? You gotta do better than this.”

Luc Charette
At some point in D&D game the charcater are so strong they just walk right into traps and not care.
aka benny and cale right now.”

NPC 27-3
Galileo Figaro
How do people even understand what he’s saying with that thing over his lip?!
And seriously, didn’t his mother tell him not to pick at his acne?! Jesus Christ, man, go see a doctor!
Any doctor! I don’t care if it’s a dermatologist, a dentist, an opthalmiatrist or a psychiatrist!
Just go see anyone who can fix the damage!

Speedy Marsh
His true destiny was to compose the national anthem of Urination.

From pee to shining pee.”

Alexandre Cauchon
Maybe it’s a way to tell you to sea a dentist

TDA 160
Sariias Moor
Studies have shown that when cute, cuddly animals are on fire they are not actually suffering but having spasms of ectasy. It’s sort of like while people protest when being tickled, they’re laughing at the same time, see, so they clearly enjoy it.

Alex Dodds Cridland
I remember the time they talked about many cities in Europe being under sharia law… and then proceeded to list a bunch of cities that were clearly not, being far into the north or northwest of europe. It would have been ridiculously easy to check the basis for such a big claim. Sometimes I think it’s just a bunch of monkeys with typewriters running Fox.

Kai Lowell
Doctor Dooalittlefwoosh.

LFG 1068
Carmen Brooksby Berteaux
So much for their disguises…They totally revealed themselves to the first guy who would betray them…now what?

Alexandre Cauchon
Gaten: Also I was the only one who has yet to betray or abuse of your idealism, feels good doing it.
Leanna: Your Warlock peed on my porch by the way, had to glass him

Sariias Moor
She cut Gaten off before he could say “Your sister…”

NPC 27-4
Speedy Marsh
Geppetto: “Dang it, Blue Fairy! Get some glasses! You turned my can opener into a real boy!”

Ryan Hunter
If he starts refering to the cup as “My Precious” Im out…

Charles Smith Jr.
Great… I guess he has a case of Legion-airs’ disease?

Galileo Figaro
Any doctor!
I don’t care if they are secretly a wizard!!

LFG 1069
James Jones
Look, I’m just a contractor. I’ve never officially been a part of this group. And you? Nobody likes you.

Mikkel Ulriksen
i like to think those gnomes are making a still, so they can make moonshine.

Randall Tice
Bard’s main stat: Charisma. You CAN’T not like her.

Speedy Marsh
Ok, I’ll ship that. I’d love to see what their kids would look like.
Hmm… If those two do any more time travelling, then Charles could be their baby. Did we ever find out who his birth parents are?”

NPC 27-5
Sariias Moor
Ah, I understand. It’s that phase in a young person’s life where they begin to grow hair in places that didn’t have hair before, their voice breaks on occasion, and they start to notice the overpowering influence of ancient beings who wish to use them for their own purposes. Man, were those awkward times.

Galileo Figaro
The Jarl of Rabbitooth will NOT be denied entrance, ‘lest he unleash forces so ancient and prime that the cosmos itself be thrown back to the Planck epoch!
Tis his right to claim the relics of old!
‘Tis his DENTISTRY[1].
[1]One would think that fates so grand would be left to the hands of destiny, the prepubescent force usually associated with the manipulations and preemptive terminations of one’s fatalistic march into the cosmos. However, after a very expensive misunderstanding regarding a streetwalker named Destiny and a bag of watermelon seeds, the Jarl learned and now knows better than to leave so important and everexpanding matters to destiny’s clumsy reach and instead employed the assistance of a real professional, someone who holds the precision of the surgeon without their ever annoying tendency of forgetting their equipment in what they operate on. (Teeth are too small to forget a drill in and even when they do, the drill is usually big enough for even the patient to notice and get it out themselves.)
He even has an eight o’clock appointment next month for actual, non-fate manipulative dentistry, but Luck, a streetwalker from an opposite district, has very different plans for him, plans that will conclude in a very itchy rash that quasi-medieval medical sciences would rather not touch with a twenty foot long stick and a new-found appreciation for cocoa beans.”

Alexandre Cauchon
Then the moment he breaks in there is a I.O.U one cup from richard ( page 784)

David Eberhard
Yes, tell the boy there is a forbidden room… thatll end well

TDA 161
Larry H Scheinman
I would think that Dick would be more intersted in the width of the rake… how many heads he could imapale on it at once..and could it double as a rotisserie fork for those post-orphanage-visit munchies

Alexandre Cauchon
No it isn’t, you rake with gloves on because you have to pick up the leaves anyway. And if you use a rake for any other purpose you might as well french kiss Marx’s corpse
Also muffins and cake should have more distinction

Russell Levine
It being Little Dick, you’d think he’d be more interested in wake news.

Christopher Daniel Steig
Hey, it’s Melissa McCarthy!

LFG 1070
Alexandre Cauchon
They are still green at this

Aerik Clinton Watson
Figures someone would make an off-colour joke.

Obra D Stajic
She’s going to become a farmer and wait for a portal to open on her farm.

Cody Barnes
Finally, dont send a warlock, an elf, and whatever benny is to do a Dwarves job.

Elliot Reid
Funny, you’d think Dnah at least would be an old hand at this…

NPC 27-6
Speedy Marsh
Loud shoes? If anything, I’d say they’re underspoken. I mean, if they were ruby slippers, or something garish like that…

Therese Chito Mastini (Formerly Tyfariel of the comment section)
I am continually astounded with the artist’s ability to contort Jarl’s boyish facial features, tooth alignment, and skull in new ways with each page. No, really, I am. Bravo, Allison Strejlau, bravo!

Galileo Figaro
Seriously, at this point his entire face is a crime against nature.
I’m not even hoping for a dentist anymore, just for someone to punch him in the face and break that horrid thing off.
How people understand him is beyond me.


Now you know,

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