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May 16, 2017 | Costello

Today, In A Very Special Top Comments…

There was a surprising number of comments on LFG 1086 about the lack of punchlines. The comments were all positive, with a mix of emotion and nostalgia for more serious pages.

It hasn’t been that long since there was a serious LFG story arc (Cale and company meeting a manifestation of Richard’s sister Regina was less than a year ago). LFG hasn’t shied away from leaving an emotional impact over the years. Cale killing an innocent child (from a certain point of view) comes to mind. That said, I still think of LFG as a comedy first, an epic adventure second, and emotionally impactful third. I’m curious how that order compares to what our readers take away from the comic.

How serious do you like your LFG to be? What are some of your favourite serious moments from the past? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

Speaking of comments, here are the top comments for May 1st, 2017 to May 12th, 2017.

LFG 1083
Jonathan Bell
The first planel makes me think Titanic would have been a much better movie had Rose suddenly realized she was a warlock and incinerated everyone in a 15 foot radius when Jack took her to the front of the ship.

Joy Trujillo
Richard is really making sacrifices here. He just had to demolish his favorite city plaza, the pit of beheaded heads. On the plus side, he did get to turn the heads into flaming heads.

Garry Cylon
Flaming numbskulls… ( I meant the guards, of course 🙂 )

TDA 168
Joe Levert
There is an actual horror game movie based off this concept… House of the Dead from SEGA!

Ciana Chetwynd
At least you can set fire to the tents still. Teach them to spell things with extraneous y’s.

Tue Elung-Jensen
That was one big case of … wth did the people behind think?

LFG 1084
Therese Chito Mastini
Honestly, all of us should have known that Richard would want to keep the heads. That said, I really want him to animate them, distract a group of enemies by juggling them, and then send the heads to gnaw their faces off. It seems like a Richard thing to do.

Ben Ehren
undead-unhead acapella.
Wait crap now I know where pellas name comes from.

Denise Reiter
There’s little Charles, looking like he hasn’t got a care in the world while he drags around a purse with a warlock and assorted deadly beasties inside like it’s no big deal. Meanwhile, I get all sweaty and nauseated at the thought of having to make a simple phonecall. I wish I was chill as Charles.

Brett Stratton
I’m a King, goddamit. I had my own kingdom at BIRTH! Now I’m playing basketball with dead heads with wacky warlock. I wish I was a teenager so I could yell at him for not being my real dad…

LFG 1085
Galileo Figaro
Ray’d: “I do remember you making my arm in a cave out of scrap metal, though, so it’s a little weird that we didn’t even exchange a glance, let alone words.”
Pella: “I was restraining myself to ask you whether or not you were aware of your own happiness.”
Ray’d: “There are worse things to be asked.”
Pella: “Perhaps. But then you’d have to clap your hands.”

Russell Levine
He’s a talking farm animal guy, so that worked out perfectly.

Squall Lee Loire
90% sure Ray’d’s line is actually Sohmer’s internal monologue when it came to writing this script.

Alexandre Cauchon
– By the way a guy made of butts put up a better fight than ye, “warleader”

TDA 169
Eruanion Nolaquen
If this keeps up, people will be suing him if he lets them live, in the hopes that it will pay off the medical bills. The way criminals have been suing homeowners when they get hurt while committing crimes, which is one reason police in some areas tell people, if you catch them in your home, shoot to kill.

Garry Cylon
TD, at least your not the new FBI Director, and Trump get’s out his favorite line, “You’re Fired”…. 🙂

David Arcana
Do your part to keep Richard as an unemployed sociopath.
Vote Democrat.

LFG 1086

John Belrose
Pella is like Batman…but… a short, sexy, female dwarf, with a panache for fighting while singing.

John Daly
The punchline is pathos.

Jeremy Wurm
would he and richard get their own spinoff serieis Cabull and Undeadfool.

Sly Rachet
……could tell her she’s an aunt…..and that when she marries Cale he’ll be an aunt too

Now you know!