TDA Update! What’s up with Android?

It’s been a while since the last blog post about TDA: For Fork’s Sake. Since then, much has happened. We’ve come a long way with the game and have learned a great deal. I would like to start with the big question:

What’s up with Android?

In my last update, I mentioned that we were in a bit of a bind with Google Play Services. Essentially, we’re using a system (made by Google) that’s still in beta and having it cooperate properly with Google Play services was difficult at best. After three weeks of calls, messenger ravens, e-mails, tinkering in the API console, the Play Console, and this new system, we finally got it all sorted out. This is big because it lets the high scores work, and it gives us the ability to serve push notifications.

The only thing left to do before we release the Android version is the integration of the database. This will allow us to have a backup of game progress and also allow us to tweak anything in your account if something goes wrong. Unfortunately, this requires another support thread with Google that I’m sure will require the use of a Wizard or something.

So why are we having these issues? Part of it is because the mobile space is still growing and we’re using some new, cutting-edge services that are still in development themselves. The other part of it is how we put the game together in the first place. We’ve had to smash some square pegs into round holes to make everything work properly, but we’re getting there.

So what’s next for the game?

We’ve got some fun plans for the game! Some of them are related to bug fixes, while others are new game features. Stuff like:

  • More Costumes for Tiny Dick
  • Holiday Events
  • Updated UI for a few screens
  • Daily Rewards
  • New Spells
  • New Levels
  • Improved Effects
  • Bug Fixes

Once we’ve got the Android version out the door, we’ll officially be done “making” the game and can start focussing on improving it. So, if you have any requests (related to the list above or otherwise) or suggestions, leave them in the comments below. I can’t promise that we’ll use them but we’d still like to see what you’d like to see in this game!


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