Steam-Powered Dick and Your Top Comments from April 17 to April 23

If there’s a theme to my contributions to the LFG blog, it’s that creativity begets creativity. Sohmer and Lar (as well as colourist Ed Ryzowski, TDA artist Ryan Dunlavey, and the rotating stable of NPC artists) create comics that inspire your witticisms, which in turn inspire my blog. Repeat every week without it getting old. Sometimes, however, we get something new.

Steampunk Dick

Meet Steampunk Dick (not for sale). This delightfully dapper plush was designed by LFG fan Jill Pratt. Now, I appreciate steampunk like I appreciate Godzilla: I connect with it on a level beyond just appreciating that it exists, but without any interest in diving in deeper. So I have to admit a certain level of ignorance to Steampunk’s intricacies. I like to call it the Godzilla paradigm. I own a vinyl Godzilla, Godzilla appeared in art I commissioned for my last Christmas card, but how many Godzilla movies have a seen? None. Two if we count American Godzilla movies.

Steampunk’s the same thing for me. I love me some goggles, brass, gears, and Rube Goldbergian accessories as much as I like a good leather top hat with matching vest. I’ll visit any steampunk booth I see at a con. But how much steampunk gear do I own? None. Two if we count my steampunk Deadpool and steampunk Snuffleupagus t-shirts. Never played a steampunk game or read a steampunk book or comic. Unless, does Virga count? No, it’s Victorian in style, but the technology is not steam-based. I’m pretty sure that’s an important part of steampunk.

All this to say thank you, Jill. As much as I can appreciate the craftsmanship and overall design of this custom plush (removable fwoosh? Velcro!), I’m sure there are subtle intricacies that I’m missing. Steampunk Dick will make his way into Lar’s hands, as I believe you intended. As for the rest of you, comments!


Top Comments from April 17 to April 23
NPC part 13, page 15
Looks like the giant’s punch has been…
( •_•)
( •_•)>⌐■-■

You mess with the bull, you get the thorns.

Ah, so it is not pancake armor.

LFG 871
Nautical Humor? It took me a second to get that one…

Yeah, that bugged me about the Battle of Five Armies. They just pulled the goats out of their asses.

NPC part 13, page 16
O_o Flippin’ ‘El. That’s one of the most badass ways to say “You will respect my creed.” I’ve seen in a long time. Also said in between the lines: “Choosing to Defend doesn’t mean weakness.”

He had to do it, the giant was about to destroy the trees, which in turn would have killed the beetles, therefore causing another massive earthquake that would have killed everyone he holds dear to his heart

Dorel, I doubted about you becoming a badass or a loser, but today now on, you earned yourself 9000+ badass-points, extra points for walking thorugh the bloodfalls like it was nothing

TDA 62
Minh Duong
Translation: “Squeak?”

I see Richard’s Hollywood debut is off to a Wookie start.

LFG 872
eewww Cale got a potty mouth.

Infamous Nefarious
Fact: Birds are jerks. Giant birds are just giant jerks.

Look! The eagles, they are coming! Seemed to be a bit too literal


I think we’ve blown off enough steam for this week. Until next time, be excellent to each other.

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